Benehania df

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  • Yomama

    I have a confession i was at benihana restaurant and i shared a table with a df person now can I be df because we were eating at same table.

  • Yomama

    And i smiled at him and we talked about spirtual things.

  • waton

    It seems there was a scene like that in the " Raymond Franz story", where someone was "disciplined" for sharing a meal at an eating place.

    Looking at his Portraits now, from a distance looks like Biden, die beiden. ha ha

    serious stuff though.

  • RolRod

    Yep, it's how they DF'd Ray Franz, only the article was written AFTER he had a meal with his DF'd boss, so they grandfathered him in LOL

  • punkofnice
    I have a confession

    No you haven't. You're just being a normal human. Forget the stupid rules of the men in America who just want your money.

    It's not a real religion, you know?

    Don't say anything to anyone. Deny everything. Don't admit anything.

    Decisions like this are made by the biggest bully on the body of elders(tm).

    Do you fear them?

  • jhine

    The first Christians celebrated the Eucharist ( bread and wine ) during a feast . We know this from comments made by Paul .

    I believe that when Christians were told to " not eat with " someone this is what was being referred to , not sharing the bread and wine .

    The WT puts an odd spin on many Biblical passages to suit their own mind control practices. Follow Scripture , not men . Also read a Bible other than the WT Bible .


  • Vanderhoven7

    If he is disfellowshipped then he us no longer a brother but in the world according to the organization. So you can treat him like Jesus treated publicans and sinners with whom he ate. Yes, the Watchtower will disfellowship you...but without scriptural support.

  • dbaile2

    The love that never fails lol..

  • Yomama

    Yes i fear getting shunned by everyone in my social circle. Ill just move to ghent.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    How was the hibachi?

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