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  • raven101

    Hi, its been a long time since I was here. Don't know if anyone remembers me or how many are still here who were then?

    Hope everyone is doing well, both old and new!

    Me? Finals week, first semester at University in home state. Doing very well. Moved back here from Northern California just this January (transfer from Community College there).

    New job, convenience store. Didn't take long for witnesses (former 'brothers and sisters') to track me down as they came in for coffee on way to service.

    First they came in ones and twos, some kind and generally 'concerned' for me and this degraded all the way to the appearance of the arch-nemesis with her very saccharine and voraciously curious brand of 'concern', (she's a peach, but I should thank her for being the first to introduce my then controlled mind to the concept of witnesses being anything other than "god's chosen people").

    It got more and more interesting and if I had time I would tell the whole story and have you all ROLLING WITH LAUGHTER . . . but

    it culminated with a grand visitation one saturday morning (my boss was aghast, I had been keeping him up on the saga and he happened to be there that morning) when 10 of them literally swarmed in "for coffee" oh, and two "elders" were there who thought they might 'save my life' by the way . . . .

    long story short they wanted to talk, had some "WONDERFUL NEW NEWS" to share with me.

    what could it be?I'm actually kind of curious . . . but it was REALLY CREEPY the way he smiled when he said that

    (couldnt talk then, HELLO I AM AT WORK HERE!!!) anyhow

    work full time school full time can't return their calls but

    just wanted you all to know

    I AM looking forward to the time when the elders drop in (the arch-nemesis pops in to attempt to woo me with saccharine-arsenic love pretty regularly, but I have NO 'GOOD NEWS' FOR HER) so I can tell them . . .

    that I am no longer a believer

    and to please take my name off their list.

    So I am finally to this point, no longer angry or sad . . . fearing no more and content to wait for the perfect time.

    And I do want to thank all here, then and now, and Simon for having the compassion and foresight to start this site . . . I worked through a very profound and important part of my recovery process right here.

    Thanks all . . . take care,


    (sorry if that ornery old Einstein tags still hanging around here at the bottom, rather inappropriate for this thread)

  • kelpie

    Welcome back

    I think we all come to a point were we are ready to stand up and say. Get *&%#$%. I know I am now at that stage and god it feels good.

    stay around Raven


    Rayzorblade shakes Raven101's hand.

    Please to meet you. I joined here back in early January, and have been hanging out here ever since.

    Even for me, nearly 20 years later, this forum has given me much resolve, happiness and many new and wonderful contacts.

    I love it.

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