My Comments for the WT Study of WS_E_201604 "Kill all false worshippers"

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  • LAWHFol

    A lot of Odd logic, along with some strong innuendos are used in the WS_E_201604 Magazine. These are my comments for this article. Feel fee to use these at your local congregation.

    The article is "Being faithful leads to God's approval"

    Paragraph 4 question : "4, 5. (a) What command did Jehovah give the Israelite's when they entered the Promised Land? "

    Answer : "At Deut 7:2 We see that Jehovah commanded his Organization to completely destroy, the people who were living in the Promised land. He implored his Governing Body to "Show no mercy", as we know from other scriptures such as Deut 2:34 To completely destroy people includes the full on Murder of Babies,Women,Young Children, and Men.. When God gives the command to Kill he means to Kill Everyone! We see also in Deut 7:16 that he commanded them to Show No pity.

    This is relevant for our time today as well.. We as Jehovah's People having replaced the Israelite's for their disobedience, could be asked to Murder all of the Worldly Babies and People in Warwick. Perhaps we will be commanded to not use Guns, or bombs, do we have enough love for Jehovah, to run a Sword through a New Born's belly, slit the mothers throat and stomp the fathers head? This exact command may or may not come, however we should be prepared.'

    Paragraph 6 Question : "What worldly influences exist today, and what must we do?"

    Answer - "The Israelite's failed, to follow God's commands to Genocide their enemies. Because of their failure to Act, they were Influenced by the Violent ways of the People that they were supposed to murder. If they would have simply Murdered them ahead of time, they would have removed all Violent Influences, and they could have lived in Peace.. Likewise today we need to make sure we are not viewing Violent movies."

    Paragraph 12 Question : "What vow did Jephthah make, and what did this involve?"

    Answer - "We are reminded of a very important fact in this paragraph. "Jehovah hates Human Sacrifice". When I studied this paragraph, My heart was touched considering the loving arrangement, it was for Jehovah to Make a Human Sacrifice of his Son Jesus, in order for us as his people today, to have the opportunity for life. Similar to what Jehovah did in Offering his own Son, Jephthah offered the life of one of his family members.. This is truly a Courageous act, to sacrifice someone other than your self. Because of Jephthah's Burnt Offering vow with God, which normally included some form of Sacrificial Death, and burning on a Pile of Sticks, Jephthah's daughter took on the Life of a virgin.. Symbolically sacrificing the lives of all of her would be Unborn children."


    LOL!! Those comments might reach the deepest, darkest corners of a Dub psyche, but I doubt it.


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