I'm shooting a short film in Vegas...

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  • morrisamb

    Maurice and I had booked our trip to Vegas with a third friend Richard for May 26-30 a month ago. Richard has a $2000 digital video camera so we had planned on filming our trip anyway...but then because the production company will be filming the short film on my book, June 14 and 15, (here in London, ON) the director sent me some London Shorts Film info...I thought why not make ANOTHER short film based on my trip...because the unusual thing about my trip is that I won't be gambling...when I've told people they think that is very unusual..so I've taken that premise expanded on it and come up with a short film idea.

    The point being if any of you live or will be in Vegas from the 26-30 and would like to be part of my funny short film as an extra, I'll be staying at the Imperial Palace, across from Caesar's Palace. You can ask for us at the front desk..ask for me, Donald D'Haene, but the room could be in either my name or Richard Martin's.

    Look forward to meeting you all!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Coooool.... sounds like fun. If I get to Vegas then, I'll look you up.

  • morrisamb

    Double Edge, that would be so COOL!

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