" The Origin of Life" -- Using Scientists

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I am providing Version 1 of my Critique of the brochure: "the Origin of Life" -- Using Scientists".

    I appreciate the responses that I received to the pre-draft Versions.

    The Critique looks at how the brochure uses its scientific sources. I am concerned with whether it is honest or dishonest.

    There are a few places where I have difficulty locating a source and your help will be appreciated.

    As always, let me know the corrections (technical or grammatical), additions, suggestions and so on.


    I am not concerned whether the brochure's information regarding evolution is technically correct or adequate. That will be discussed in the forthcoming Critique (no time frame for that at present). If you can help me with the planned Critique, please contact me directly by email. People can tell you that I never break confidences unless I am specifically instructed to do so.


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