2016 year book

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  • pepperheart

    Hi acording to the 2016 year book the borg sent 6,000 people from bethels around the world "home" i think they might be struggling a bit LOL

  • scratchme1010

    Who knows, some may be here in this forum already.

  • dothemath

    I've heard it said by some how Bethel "was the best career you could have, nothing would compare to its retirement plan".

    I'm sure it's been a rude awakening for many bethelites.

  • konceptual99

    Can you imagine what uproar there would be if a corporation with a workforce of 26000 just made around a third of it's workforce redundant in a few months, including many with years of service?

    Can you imagine the disgust of people when they heard that those sacked were left without homes or jobs and given just a small stipend to cover a few weeks?

    Can you imagine the fury of the customers of the company at suddenly being expected to jump in and house, feed and employee these ex-employees?

    Can you imagine any of those ex-employees then going back to appear in corporate videos thanking the company for sacking them saying how happy they now were?

    The WTS has pulled off a master stroke of HR management here,

  • schnell

    As a "religion producer"*, it was easier to do and required not mastery over PR but mastery over slave labor.

    * I actually read that term in an article years back about religion's place in the economy. Economists found that religion pulled people away from producing more, but also gave them essentially a product they could believe in. I think it was in Time but I'm not sure. I'm pretty certain this religious product in particular did not help the economy at all.

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