No Divine Protection in Kingdom Halls.

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  • Tony Browning
  • scratchme1010

    No different than any other crime.

  • truth_b_known

    Their go to excuse - "Someone must have had a 'secret sin' and that caused Jehovah not to extend his protection."


    "Time and unforeseen circumstance..."

  • steve2

    In all my life-long knowledge and experience of JWs, I have never seen or heard any JWs say that ill-events have befallen a brother or sister because of 'secret sin.' I certainly have never seen anything in print to that effect so I don't expect anyone will refer me to any of their publications . I should imagine such a comment would not be viewed well by JWs who knew the victim.

  • yoko N
  • freddo

    So the arrested man is named as "Keith Beviss" (aged 55 or 54 depending upon which article I read) from Honiton who from the artist's court sketch looks like a non-descript overweight balding white man that I would pass in the street without a second glance.

    A couple of the articles mention that one line of enquiry is a religious hate crime and another article mentions that one nearby interviewed shop worker said that they had noted several with mental health problems in Honiton since moving to the area.

    My take on this is that Honiton is a "sleepy" market town that is unlikely to have any terrorist knifings such as from extreme Muslims. (If there were I believe it would be in the main shopping area where more people could be found to attack.)

    I suppose it could be a burglary and that the alarm was set off and the installer went to investigate but the distance from Westward Ho! (where Philip Ryan's business was based) to Honiton is at least 50 miles so I cannot see it being an alarm going off and the perpetrator being disturbed.

    So I lean towards mental health issues. The fact that the arrested man seemed to still be in the area and there was no apparent police hunt makes me wonder whether there was an altercation ending in a stabbing and whether the man himself called the authorities or waited around (a camper van was mentioned) and gave himself up.

    But I do wonder if this is a random chance occurrence (wrong place, wrong time) or whether it might have been exacerbated by unhappy dealings between Keith Beviss and Jehovah's Witnesses. But as Philip Ryan was an elder in a different part of the county I doubt if the two were known to each other.

    Who knows at this stage?

  • smiddy

    It will be interesting to see what connections if any, their were between the two..

    Regardless of that my condolonces to the victims family ,their is no excuse for this type of crime.And hopefully the perpretator gets his just deserts.

  • steve2

    Who knows at this stage?

    That's a welcome statement after a long speculative post.

  • freddo

    Spot on Steve - I really haven't learned when to shut up; sorry!

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