Faithful and discreet “slave” is very apt name!

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  • venus

    I found it difficult to digest the word (“slave”) Jesus supposedly used to refer to His appointees on earth to dispense spiritual food on earth. (Mathew 24:45) Why not a better word, something positive in view of the fact that Jesus came to free us?

    Freedom is the absence of physical and mental boundaries or restrictions. Physical freedom is when you enjoy freedom of movement. Mental freedom is when you are free to choose and make your own decisions. However, “Faithful and discreet slave” class find themselves restrained when it comes to their vital duty of imparting spiritual food. They know hanging on to the year 1914, Bible verses such as 1 John 5:19 (which they apply against voting, defense service …) are all senseless, yet they are not free to think differently. That means they experience no freedom, hence are “slave,” still controlled by short-term goals which mean slavery to ego.

    True freedom, however, is internal. In true freedom, one would love to say “Today is the first day of the rest of my life; the past isn’t important, for, from today onward, I can change; and I very well know that God is pleased when I give Him my mistakes.”

  • jp1692

    Really? How did "slave" come to mean MASTER?

    Changing the basic meanings of words to the exact opposite of what they really mean is one sign of a cult!

  • venus


    That is an interesting thought. Adopting a name and going exactly opposite to it is of worldly spirit. It reminds me of William Shakespeare who wrote: ‘What's in a name?’ because many names and words have lost their meaning. For example, a city is named Los Ángeles which means 'the angels' (in Spanish). The word religion (from religare, Latin) which originally meant re-uniting (or reestablishing bond between God and humans and between humans) is now synonym for divisiveness and conflicts.

  • Bobcat

    "Slave" is apt considering the way society was in the ANE. Here is a comparison of the F&DS parable in the synoptic gospels. It show how much the WT distorts the context.

  • venus


    That's interesting: question is directed to all Christians.

  • waton

    Jesus: "whoever wants to be first among you, must become your slave (not even "god's" appointed slave). That is a long way to governing body, buddy.

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