The hypocrisy of the JWs knows no bounds

by dogon 1 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • dogon
    On Facebook I will see Dubbers from my ex-cult hall who will post bull shit about Jehovah is about to fix all our problems and then befriend someone who is not a witness but rants about Jesus this and that while attacking someone who dose not belong to the dubber cult any longer. Its amazing how they can buy into a cult that had its founder die in 1916 when he said the end was coming and still believe that its just around the corner. It takes a special kind of stupid to buyinto this shit and never think any deeper. They will leave spouses family members and cling to a proven wrong belief system. It never stops amazing me. I am nothing special, was raised in the cult from birth and after I grew up and started to form my own ideas could slowly see its total bull shit. There is no excuse if I can do it that they can not. Its pure laziness.
  • Vidiot

    I really do believe that JWs who posted stupid embarrassing shit online were the real reason the WTS demonized the internet for so long...

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