This is God

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  • Princess

    Hey, this is God

    Can I please have your attention

    There's a need for intervention

    Man, I'm disappointed in what I'm seeing

    Yeah, this is God

    You fight each other in my name

    Treat life like it's a foolish game

    I'd say you've got the wrong idea

    Oh, all I'm asking for is love

    I've seen you hurt yourselves enough

    Oh, I've been waiting for a change in you

    Yeah, this is God

    I've given everything to you

    To the world that I created

    This is God

    What's with this attitude of hate

    You grow more ignorant with age

    You had it made, now look at all you've wasted

    I know your every thought, your heart and soul, and every move

    There are so many consequences to the things you do

    This is God

    Any other Phil Vassar fans here? Steve and I went to his show Saturday night with some friends. My friend is a DJ for Seattle's country station and was emceeing the show.

    Here is a picture of Steve and I with Phil. It was very hot in the room so Steve's ruddy complexion is a bit red.


  • rocketman

    *attention focused on cutie-pie in middle*

  • Mulan

    Great photo, Rachel and Steve. I had never heard of him before you went to his show, but I like the lyrics to that song. Sure ring true, don't they?

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