Hamilton's Ghost

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  • Terry
    Maybe I saw it … and maybe I didn’t
    Whatever I saw - it saw me!

    Under my bed or in back of the closet
    “Was it or wasn’t it glaring at me?”

    Noise in the night, there’s the creak of the floorboard
    the squeak of a door as it closed

    Bumps in the attic? My heart beats erratic
    “It’s only the wind!” I suppose.

    Lightning is frightening but wholly explicable
    Thunder? No wonder I jump!

    But - how to explain anything so despicable
    it stares and it comes with a thump?

    Maybe I slept or maybe I didn’t
    Whenever it crept I awoke

    Screaming or praying - affrighted, I’m saying
    Dauntingly, hauntingly, “This is No Joke!”

    Aaron Burr, (touched by a hairy paw) thought he saw
    Hamilton’s ghost by his bed
    Booth felt the whiskers of Lincoln back from the dead
    Brutus feared most it was Ceasar’s ghost clawing his head

    I’m on the edge and losing my sanity
    Can it be simply a
    “this” or a “that”?

    As it turns out at the sunrise I finally see
    IT’s ONLY MY OWN F-ing CAT!!

  • Terry

    Poems are not popular on JWnet :)

  • sooner7nc

    Here's my addition to the trove of JWnet poems.

    Roses are red, water is wet

    Fred Franz was crazy and so's Stephen Lett.

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