European Parliament requires copies of 4/2016 Awake speaking about Homosexuality

by sp74bb 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • sp74bb

    A few sources in Brussels (where I born) confirmed me that one legal representative of the European Parliament has required a few copies at the street booths in town.

    Copies were requested in French, Dutch and English...

  • Londo111

    Since the Awake is geared toward outsiders, maybe what they need is study editions of the Watchtower on the same subject...

  • jwleaks

    Mario Moreno (JW Attorney) once gave testimony, on behalf of WTBTS and JWs, before a European Court that children cannot be members of the JWs but can only participate with their parents in the activities of the community. The "two mommies" video featuring Sofia is therefore aimed at non-practising JW children and might be a violation under EU child protection laws.

    Worth looking into.

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