Church Cartoon; How Does it Compare to Caleb & Sophia?

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  • NotFormer

    I attend a mainstream denominational church. It's pretty old school in some ways, eg. hymns, no modern choruses, sometimes there's an organist, otherwise piano and flute accompaniment. Somewhat modernised: Bible passages and hymns are projected from (presumably) PowerPoint. Every week a short Bible Story cartoon (I think the series is called Slapstick Theatre) is shown for the kids. Last Sunday it was this one:

    I find them somewhat cringeworthy, particularly when the main character, be they Moses, Elijah or Jesus, shouts "Hey-oh!" when introduced. 🙄 But to be fair, the kids seem to like them, as far as I can tell. They participate in the question and answer bit after the video is played.

    How do you think this sort of thing compares to the WT version, the famous Caleb and Sophia stuff? Which would you rather sit through? Or would you rather not?

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