...the relief of Congregation Members

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  • Lostandfound

    Just clearing out all old stuff and came across tyhis line in my copy of the UK Memorandum of Constitution, passed by each UK cong in (I think) 1997)

    This line bemused me as I know of no witness who ever receiver financial help from their congregation

    Clause 4.2.4 read for other charitable purposes including the relief of Congregation Members who are in conditions of need hardship or distress

    Lots of congregations CAUSED Distress but I wonder if anyone knows of a congregation giving financial aid locally to a brother?

  • talesin

    How ironic. That is a bald-faced lie.

    EG: We had a very poor family, who rented from a rich and powerful elder. They had no furnace oil and 5 kids, and asked him for help with the oil. He said 'we are here to take care of your spiritual needs, not your physical ones'.

    This was something I learned decades later, from a relative and reliable source. And that particular elder was a mean and scary man, to which I can personally attest. :' (

    [Edit and note: individuals do help others - I am talking about church aid, which in the above case, could have been provided - other churches would]

    I'm kinda old, and 4th generation JW, and have never heard of the JWS organization ever helping any of their members by giving them help, be it clothing, cash, food, housing, you name it.

  • LongHairGal


    That charter you found is a joke if applied to the Witness religion since there is no organized effort to HELP anybody!

    Aid to somebody in need? Maybe if they're related to the elders! Sometimes a kind individual here and there may help. Otherwise, they are out of luck! That was my observation back in the day.

    I agree with your statement that lots of congregations CAUSED distress....Well, of course they did!! No need to go into the myriad of reasons this religion can do this, which is why we are OUT of there!

    This religion is all about TAKING from people and certainly not helping anybody!

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    I heard second-hand from an elder's wife: elders in the Spanish cong were so concerned about some of their members who were having a very hard time and wanted to withdraw money from the building fund (or land-buying fund). There was over a million and counting, pending purchase of a location for building a new kh.

    There were several congs using the kh including one Spanish speaking. All these elders had a huge fight about the saved money. The Spanish elders said they needed to help some of the friends get through a disaster of some sort, and why could they not take back some of the money that the Spanish friends had contributed?

    They were told that the money was dedicated for building a new worship center and using it for any other reason would be stealing from Jehovah.

    Outrage, animosity, hateful looks from the Spanish friends. Why didn't this crap "stumble" me?! Because I kept making excuses for the little princely rulers.


  • stuckinarut2

    Yes....just see how firmly the society WILL NOT give Spohia's icecream money BACK to her if her family ever falls on desperate times!

    Rather, they will take the opportunity to counsel them on how they didn't act shrewdly with their money, thus putting them in a bad situation. Then they will be told to "preach more and rely on Jehovah" and it will all be ok...the rent will be paid and food will magically appear!.....

    NEVER has a congregation used money from its official account to help a member!!

  • JWdaughter
    I have been in churches and now in a different religious organization (keep the catcalls down, please:) ) and all but the JWs have funds to help the community (not just the church members) in need. BOTH in charitable (such as food pantries etc.) outreaches and specific funds to help with emergencies such as evictions after job loss, electric bills, even (surprisingly) the last bit to pay community college tuition that had to be diverted after a smallish medical emergency. I have seen car repairs, etc. One church had a deal with a member who owned a car repair place that he would donate labor if the churchwould pay for materials when a hard case came through
  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    Being a former account servant, I was privy to one occasion where the BOE gave a family some financial help from a Congregation account. If I remember right, it was like $2000 to help them with bills after the husband died suddenly without any insurance. He left a wife and 3 kids.

    Here's the kicker. After a CO visit about 2 months later, the Elders where asking all the servants if they could help 'pay back Jehovah's things' so as to replace $2000 into the Congregation's account. I believe one of the Elders step down because of this.

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo
    Ahhh but they meant spiritual relief - far more valuable then food, clothing, shelter
  • pepperheart
    In the uk the watchtower has been fighting the uk charity commission in the courts and these past days the watchtoer have taken their fight up to the uk supreme court to fight the commission about what i dont know but i sure can guess
  • WingCommander

    Official WatchTower Charity's Mission Statement:

    "Go forth, be warm and well fed................"

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