Spreading the "Religion of Peace" in Europe

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  • prologos
    Theological nonsense! so true, but only the peaceful religion punishes nonsense with death.
  • Finkelstein

    The other problem with Islam is that there is no centralization of power like the Catholic have, that's why these these small Islamic fundamental sects start up. They take the directing laws constructed in the Quran and create their self serving supporting objectives by adherence to this holy book. They make themselves the chosen 1's by Allah supporting guidance.

    I think moderate Muslim States or governments should step to the plate and knockout these violent factions that start up but they don't because in a way they are self avowed brothers or subjects of faith under Allah.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    As usual the emotionally fragile didn't bother reading our posts. All they saw was forum members talking about an issue which concerns the religion of Islam and their lids blew off.

    Nowhere did I once mention a hatred or fear for Muslims, instead I said we should stay out of their business and help them where we can to fight the fundamentalist problem. If I hated or feared them I would not have been able to spend the sum of at least two years of my life in Islamic countries sometimes protecting Muslims from their own. But I've said what I wanted to say and won't bother getting in a debate with people who can't put aside emotions and recognize an attempt at a pragmatic solution motivated out of concern and compassion for both Muslim and non-Muslim targets.

    When I use the term "fundamentalist" I'm not merely referring to terrorists/guerillas. I'm referring to all those who subscribe to the fundamentalist ideology of Sharia and rarely question let alone decry the issued fatwas calling for actions or laws any compassionate person would denounce. I hate to break it to you, but the majority do support Sharia/Wahhabism, even Fathima and Shabir, the quiet and pleasant couple who run the bodega across the street from me with whom I spend a couple of hours a month chatting to.

    But as I said, I'm done. If you couldn't be bothered actually reading our posts, I couldn't be bothered engaging in a one-sided debate. Nothing more for me to say to irrational emotiopaths.

  • redvip2000

    It wasn't the subject to know if Islam is great or not, but the subject was about the fact than muslim are all potentially terrorists.

    Nobody is saying that all muslim are terrorists. That is your invention. We are saying that muslims in general are not peaceful and not desirable considering their views on our values. This is backed up by data as i mentioned.

    And by the way to put "religion" and "peace" in the same sentence is an oxymoron

    Then you might wanna tell that to the folks who have sold you the mime that islam is a religion of peace. You don't need to convince me of that.

  • ranmac
    Spot on SSC. There's an absurd atmosphere of denial and self-righteousness going on with people about this issue. It's especially being pushed by the regressive left here in the West.
  • freemindfade

    This was a prime example with someone throwing up the "hatred/prejudice" alarm when no one was promoting either.

    Criticism of bad ideas being treated as an unspeakable crime is the most frightening thing about all this.

  • Ruby456

    freemindfade please don't listen to donald trump - he is just trying to win votes - (doesn't say much for his voters though)

  • freemindfade
    freemindfade please don't listen to donald trump - he is just trying to win votes - (doesn't say much for his voters though)

    sorry, did I accidentally quote him?

    If only 8% of Muslims are so called "radicals" (92% "moderate"), why aren't all those people considered "moderate" dealing with this relatively small group to stop giving them a bad name? You know with the killing of other Muslims, the killing of Christians, stoning women, waging jihad, committing honor killings, throwing gay men off buildings and so on in Muslim majority countries?

    Because most subscribe to various Islamic laws that condone atrocities. Terror acts are merely one symptom of a much more insidious underlying set of ideas.

    A true "moderate" muslim is like an exjw's. they really aren't Muslim's anymore. They are apostates.

  • redvip2000

    A true "moderate" muslim is like an exjw's. they really aren't Muslim's anymore. They are apostates.

    Exactly, i make this point all of the time. It's almost me saying that I'm a moderate JW - i don't believe in shunning or blood prohibitions. Well guess what, then i'm not a real JW.

    Same thing with muslims. If you are a muslim that lives in the west, and believes in freedom of religion, or gender equality, or freedom of speech, or LGBT rights, then guess what ! Don't call yourself a muslim. Being muslim, is not a culture, and is not a background, and is not an ethnicity. Choose something else to identify yourself.

    Being against those ethical values is not being moderate, and so the majority of muslims in the world are not moderate, even if they are not extremists.

  • sparrowdown
    Agree redvip - There is no such thing as radical Islam, there is only Islam.

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