If Jehovah's Witnesses Had a Creed

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  • David_Jay

    I believe in Jehovah God, sovereign of the universe,

    and in his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord,

    who was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary,

    but was originally created St. Michael the Archangel.

    I believe Jesus died for my sins

    in the body of a man

    and that he was not raised in this body

    because for some odd reason God needed it back as a ransom to cover over our sins.

    I believe Jesus will return as promised

    and indeed has returned in 1914

    but nobody saw it because it was invisible.

    I believe that God inspired the Holy Scriptures,

    requiring mankind to read and study it as a requisite for everlasting life

    but that God filled it with hidden meanings that could only be understood

    some 2000 years after the events it describes by self-appointed members

    of the Governing Body.

    I believe without the Governing Body's instruction

    the Bible's words are powerless to save.

    I believe that 1975 was a date only some weak Jehovah's Witnesses

    hoped would be the time for the end

    and that apostates lie when they say the Witnesses taught it officially

    even though the Governing Body apologized for the 1975 debacle in the 1980s

    ( and you only apologize for something you did).

    I believe that before the generation of 1914 passes away that Aramgeddon will come

    and replace the present system with a paradise earth.

    I believe that generation has been going on for over 100 years now,

    and that the current overlapping generations explanation is truth.

    I don't believe in hell or hellfire.

    But I do believe, hope, and happily look forward to the day when

    Jehovah will bring the death of millions of non-JWs by literal fire on earth.

    I believe Jehovah plans to very soon slaughter the children of non-Witnesses

    like Pharaoh and Herod slaughtered the innocent children of their day.

    I believe that all other people are blinded by Satan.

    I believe our religion was right when it said that TV evangelism was bad

    but that our new JW Roku channel is good.

    I believe if you don't call asking for money "soliciting" then it isn't soliciting. That's all it takes.

    I believe that sexual child abuse is abhorred by Jehovah's Witnesses

    and that victims of such abuse can only be believed if there are two witnesses to the act

    and that these child victims should face those they accuse in a judicial meeting

    or be silent and swept under the rug.

    I believe that most of the relatively new ones who partake of the emblems at the Memorial

    have a serious problem, probably mental,

    and with about 7000 added since the 1990s, that means there are thousands of JWs

    who have mental problems. (Come and surround yourselves with this growing number.)

    I believe if you prove faithful now till Armageddon

    you will have to prove faithful for another 1000 years

    and then pass one more final test before you can be counted worthy of everlasting life,

    but if you are of the Governing Body you only have to be faithful once until death.

    I believe all these things are true

    unless the Governing Body changes these things and has me believe something different tomorrow.


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