Can a jw past come back to haunt a person ?

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  • lancelink

    When a person joins the jw organization, do they make a statement claiming that they totally renounce any other religion ?

    i recently took a class titled " Religions of the World" and for a final project students need to attend several religious services, and write a paper on the experience.

    I find religions to be very interesting to study, but it has crossed my mind that I may have agreed to something when I became a witness back in 1977/ 15 years old at the time. It is not a major concern, but I would just hate for some statement to appear, or be found by someone stating that I once completely disavowed any religion outside of the jw's.

    not being neurotic here, just don't want that ridiculous part of my past jumping up and stabbing me in the back😜

  • LongHairGal


    I've thought about that and agree that I am embarrassed that I ever got involved with the JW religion. I wasn't totally convinced and it was peer pressure to get baptized.

    I'm sure that anything we said in our deluded phase was because we didn't know the whole truth about it. Someone once told me I have to forgive myself and that made me a little angry since that's trying to blame me as the victim for being stupid enough.

    But, I had help being "stupid" because the religion talked a good game and some intelligent people got involved with JWs, either because they were at a low point in their life, or because the religion misrepresented what it was. It was the latter for me.

    When people ask me if I'm still with it, I say No, I walked away from it.

  • lancelink


    thank you for your comment, it is embarrassing afterwards looking back.

    I hope that your doing fine dealing with the " mental fallout" as my son so eloquently likes to tell me.

    Sometimes when I bring this subject up he likes to tell me I'm getting caught in a downward spiral of stupidity, your completely right stating that it is an embarrassing part of life

  • scratchme1010

    When a person joins the jw organization, do they make a statement claiming that they totally renounce any other religion ?

    Interesting thoughts. Some things make more sense (at least to me), when I make a difference between religion, religious organizations, religious based businesses and cults (also known as high-demand, controlling groups). What and how people live, the things they need/have to do after they walk away from any of those, they all vary depending on what they are leaving. That is, not to mention that some people are kicked out, like Dfed people.

    Please bear in mind that controlling, manipulative organizations always give the illusion that the controlled people are making a decision on their own, hence they always stay away from negative statements such as "renouncing other religions".

  • flipper

    LANCELINK- I wouldn't worry about it. The JW organization and the people who run it ; as well as any elders who were appointed in that organization- only have as much " power " over us as we let them have over us. If you've been out for years- usually they won't bother messing with you , unless they see you as a vocal, visible threat to other active JW's you knew and then they might stalk and harass you mistakenly thinking they are " protecting the flock " from us allegedly " evil & twisted apostates. "

    It's always good to keep in mind that the really " evil " ones are the leaders of this criminal organization killing JW's with their no blood transfusion policies, destroying and separating families with their shunning policy, and throwing innocent children who've been sexually molested under the bus by pampering child molesters and pedophiles within the JW organization. I wouldn't worry at all about what they can do to us. They can't do shit to us. They are busy being idiots - digging their own grave to jump into with stupid decisions made by the GB and WT leaders. No reason to fear them- they are total jackasses

  • dogon

    An oath is only as good as long as you want to keep it. Its like a book if your done toss it out.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    It is also good to know that any "Oath" according to the Justice of the Bible is nullified by deception, fraud or coercion. This is also the case in the Law of the Land.

  • Ding

    No one outside the WT will find out and if they did, they wouldn't care.

    You can always change your mind.

  • kairos

    The bigger question is, after we die, can we come back and haunt JWs?

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