Interesting experience with my PIMI Father

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  • joe134cd

    This highlights just how flawed the JW thinking is. Recently, It had been arranged for another JW to take my father to the convention in a couple of weeks time. A few days ago my father is informed that his ride has refused to drive him due to his underlying health conditions.

    To be fair my father isn’t in the best of health, but I certainly thought that refusing to take him up there was unwarranted. Ok, I thought, this isn’t a problem I’ll drive him up, and I also offer a ride to the person who refused to take my Father. As this person is also elderly as well, but not incapable.

    I got to thinking about this. Here is a person, who out of agape love will lay down their life for the sake of my father during the great tribulation. Yet couldn’t lay down his life for the sake of driving him a few 100km. Yet an apostate, who Jehovah is going to destroy at the great tribulation, laying down his life for both of them, and at the same time, doing it in his own car and dime. I would refuse to take money of this guy as he’s also a pensioner as well. Just blows my mind really.

  • LongHairGal


    Sorry about the experience with your father’s friend. But, it’s nice of you to step in and help.

    Witness thinking is screwed up. But let me say this: (and I know you repeated it to make a point)..I, for one, never believed/expected anybody to ‘lay down their life for me during the Great Tribulation’.. I consider this to be one of the fallacies or urban legends that floated around through the Witness religion, especially in the old days… I think it also went along with that other fallacy that ‘you would be taken care of if you were needy’.. I never believed this for one minute and made sure I kept my job.

    One time I had a conversation with another working woman in the hall. We both agreed that since people were generally not too friendly towards us in so-called ‘good’ times, how in the world would they care about us if it were difficult times - let alone any ‘Great Tribulation’?.. We’d be up a creek ! I’m sure in the end we could only count on ourselves.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    One problem I have observed several times is that the JWs are pressured to attend conventions, however difficult or whatever the cost. An unfortunate result is that older folks are often riding together with their like-aged friends, making a long trip they seldom or never take on their own. They are not familiar with the roads, don't drive much in heavy city traffic, talk a lot in the car so the driver is distracted, driving a car which seldom leaves the county and isn't in the best of shape (worn tires, etc). Hence they often/usually get lost, have car trouble and mechanical breakdowns, and in the worst cases, have auto accidents.

    That is about the only good thing about zoom, so that nowadays these ones can stay at home.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I personally know elderly who are told to attend right after surgery; pee bag, draining wounds and all. zoom is falling into disfavor. Last streaming video I saw had a built in delete feature so it quit working after 2 weeks.

  • NotFormer

    So is the WT winning the war against Zoom?

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