Request--When The Watchtower Was In Business With The Klu Klux Klan!

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  • Atlantis

    To the person who requested the files and documents on the Watchtower doing business with the Klu Klux Klan, I will need to send you that in a file folder. It would be easier if I could send everything to your email.

    Bottom line was, the Canadian Branch of the Watchtower had a radio station in Canada named "CHUC" in the 1920's.

    I am giving Jeff and Alan credit on this. They did a wonderful video about it. Go to 2 minutes and 48 seconds of their video.

    Running a radio station became expensive, so the Watchtower sold "air-time" to different people. These people would pay the Watchtower for the use of their radio station for a certain amount of hours on certain days of the week.

    The Watchtower sold "air-time" to the Grand Master of the Klu Klux Klan, J.J. Maloney. The Watchtower and the Klu Klux Klan had something in common, and that was they both hated the Catholic Church.

    Well, the authorities got sick and tired of all the "hate speech" and "white race" is supreme speeches going out over the air waves and would not renew the Watchtower's radio license.

    The Watchtower magazine and Yearbook admits the Watchtower owned and operated radio station CHUC and three other radio stations.

    Scores of documented evidence from James Penton and other PHD writers documented all of this stuff. I put it all together in a file folder.

    Contact me and we will get things started on sending you the folder. Or anybody else that wants it.

    Coffee time!


  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I've always thought that the WT choice of the name 'Birth of the Nation' for a Watchtower article was a little too close for comfort to 'Birth of A Nation', the 1915 silent film which was hugely popular in the US and reflected widespread support for the KKK and its ideology. Surely it wasn't a coincidence.

  • Atlantis


    Yes, I think you are right. Hardly a coincidence. In fact, in some of the documents in the folder, a 1923 "Golden Age" magazine published by the Watchtower defended the KKK.

    When the Tower needs money they don't care where it comes from or from whom.


  • Atlantis

    Above I wrote Jeff and Alan, but it should have been Jeff and Paul. Concerning the video.

    Just thought I would correct my error. That's what I get for being an old-timer.


  • Marcial

    Cher Atlantis

    Si vous le pouvez, j'aimerais avoir ces documents - En effet, sur l'encyclopédie wikipedia il y a une documentation importante sur les liens entre le WT et le KKK mais si nous pouvons l'enrichir de votre documentation, quel bonheur. Merci beaucoup


  • BluesBrother

    Wow ! .... I thought I had heard it all in terms of scandals and allegations regarding this society but this is new to me.

    Now, trying to make some sense of it, I know that we should not apply 21st century knowledge and attitudes to the past . However by the 1920s the KKK were already notorious for lynchings, cross burnings and violence. To give them air time on one’s own radio station is just indefensible.

    Re , the above post about the article Birth of The Nation, when I became aware of the KKK film The similarity of titles struck me as more than a coincidence. I often thought of posting it on here but never got my thoughts together....

    Thanks Atlantis for directing us to this gem

  • Atlantis


    My pleasure my friend!


  • solomon

    The timeline makes sense. The KKK was big in Saskatchewan in the 1920’s. Their target were Eastern European immigrants. Bohunks they would call them. I know a few personally that had anglicized their last names to be able to get jobs in the city.

    As far as a Rutherford era radio station selling them air time. I wouldn’t doubt that it is true, Jws are good at whitewashing the truth. I’ve also personally met the guy that ran the radio station. George Naish I think his name is. He was kinda a folk hero in the Saskatoon area. He would visit our congregation from time to time and give talks. I’m not sure if he was in bethel or?

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