Matt Hancock: fumbled, rumbled, tumbled.

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    So, these past few days have been absolute heaven for me.

    Why? Because Matt Hancock, the poster boy for lockdowns, the government minister who lectured us on whom to hug and where we could hug, has been caught in flagrante with his mistress, Ms Gina Coladangelo, a hot little piece of ass.

    I'm guessing he's done a lot more than just hugging.

    I wonder if he's finger-banged her yet?

    Matt Hancock's married aide flees family £4.5m home in south west London |  Daily Mail Online

    Thank goodness he's resigned. He should also be arrested and interviewed by the police for breaking his own lockdown rules.

    What a c**t ...

  • Phizzy

    He has a long list of misdemeanours and some criminal activity allegedly. He should have been SACKED for allowing Covid to spread, in fact causing it to spread, in Care Homes, for his dodgy PPE Contracts ....... and the list goes on.

    The problem for Bodybag Johnson the Prime Minister is that he is equally guilty of a lot of this too, so a way to get rid of Wankock had to be found, or more likely engineered.

    Notice it is only a resignation, this corrupt sack of shit could be back in the Cabinet in no time. If not, no doubt he will be elevated to the Lords. We are Ruled by a Corrupt Mafia.

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