King of the North, Daniel used for future events rather than Revelation

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  • Pleasuredome

    it struck me when i was talking to this elder today, that in order for him to get the point across about the tribulation and the attack on god's people he reffer's to daniel and starts to talk about the King of the North. no witness as far as i know has ever done that, as they've always referred to revelation and 7 headed wild beast etc for the attack on god's people.

    is 'new light' on the UN, making it's way to the JWs in a positve way?

  • Gopher

    That elder must be light-years ahead of the average elder. In my experience, many of the elders weren't up on the new light or new terminology.

    Maybe he was reading the apostate websites to keep up with what the JW's are teaching.

    Well it's possible.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Long, long ago, the WTS used the slogan "advertise, Advertise, ADVERTISE..." to spur the door-to-door sales activity of it's mind-numbed dupes.

    The poor quality of their leaders today - their haughty arrogance and theological ineptitude - leads to a defacto new slogan - "obfuscate, Obfuscate, OBFUSCATE!! Don't DARE tell people what we teach and believe because we haven't got a friggin' clue."

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