Really? All black decor on the Assembly Hall stage.

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  • longgone

    I've seen some depressing color schemes at the Kingdom and Assembly Halls in my lifetime, but this one could be the worst.

    A family member just sent me an email to tell me she had nice day at the assembly. She attached a picture of the stage to show me a friend of hers who had a part. Other than the platform itself which had cream carpeting it was nothing but various shades of black! I have no idea how to post it, but I would feel uncomfortable for some unexplainable reason anyway. I'll just describe instead.

    There was a skinny row of green plants still in the black plastic containers they originally come in at the back of the stage directly in front of a black wrought iron railing. Behind that were the black draperies. How sad for those forced to be there, lest Jehovah smite them. They looked as if someone had stapled huge black sheets from the ceiling. Yikes!

    The brother "privileged" to give the talk was wearing a black suit, as was the brother next to him. The third one brightened it up a bit with dark grey. 😕

    The poor sister who also had the "privilege" of speaking to an audience of at least a thousand people did at least get to wear a blue and white outfit. Plenty of more black flimsy fabric from the platform to the floor. Who comes up with this stuff anyway?

    That's a very well off circuit, I wonder what they were thinking, hopefully about all the money they will sink into it after the expense report. Maybe wonder where it's going???

    I don't know what the theme was, perhaps how they are living in a spiritual paradise, but surely there wasn't any "new light" getting in today. 😄

    I could make a few more jokes about it, but it just isn't right. It seems to me that only a cult could get people to sit there all day looking at that and then describe it as a "nice day." I feel bad that millions of people are wasting their lives devoted to the WTS.

    Can you imagine actually putting your hard earned money into a contribution box for that? 😥

  • waton

    watch for the LDC, or what [wt] ever, swoop down on that place and have it rebuild, upgraded to become a potentially saleable property. Iron railings? does it have a sloping floor? replace both, volunteers, donations wanted!

  • Brian J
    Brian J

    Sounds like Bowes Road Ass Hall in London. Been there. Creepy. Just needs a casket on center stage.

  • longgone

    The one I mentioned is in Florida USA. O wonder how many others are like this.

  • scratchme1010
    Can you imagine actually putting your hard earned money into a contribution box for that?

    If you are brainwashed, I can clearly see that happening. Maybe black paint was on clearance?

  • Brian J
    Brian J

    WPB = The Leaky TeePee

  • tiki

    Sounds weird....but it is a very dark depressing religion...

  • joe134cd
    There was on assembly hall where they replaced a carpet, that it reminded me of something that would be layed in a pub. I don' know how to describe it, other than it looked really busy. A lot of people made that remark so it wasn' only me.
  • Incognito

    Maybe it is required that all of those presenting parts, all wear black suits. This way, their bodies blend into the background so that they effectively become, talking heads which are floating in space.

    Similar to Famous People Players.

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