Hard Times Continue for JWs in Republic of Georgia

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  • Kenneson

    The ongoing saga of the persecution of JWs in Georgia does not let up. The latest incident involves the Witness attempt to have a convention in a village there. "Christians," presumably of the Orthodox Church, set up road blocks to all approaches to their village, not allowing any Witnesses in. Parliamentary deputy Guram Sharadze arrived at the village, which had its own rally, with Sharadze as speaker, demanding the banning of the group. See the second story entitled "Jehovists' congress foiled in Georgia."


  • Gopher

    That's quite "Christian" of that Orthodox religious group. Their own "Christian" leader taught that you should love your enemies and turn the other cheek if insulted. No matter how unorthodox the teachings of the JW's are, they definitely have the right to their assembly.

    So if the JW religion is an insult to them, if they feel it's threatening or outrageous, they just ought to be able to tolerate it. The JW religion is no model of toleration, but blocking their assembly only feeds into their persecution complex and makes them feel more so that they are the true religion because they are hated.

    Sadly, mob rule (rather than the rule of law) is the order of the day in certain countries.

    Are JW's growing in numbers in the republic of Georgia? Perhaps that's the reason that the orthodox religion feels threatened there.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    JWs think that the freedom of religion accorded them in Anglo-American countries should automagically be granted them anywhere in the world.

    They formed a partnership with the UN to seek protection under Babylon's umbrella, to have the "big dog" (the UN) woof on their behalf when necessary. They dumped the dog when their hypocisy was revealed worldwide.

    Welcome to the real world, Dubs! Perhaps the people in charge in some countries are not easily swayed to allow your cult to florish beneath their noses. Perhaps those leaders understand something about the WTS cult that the western world has turned a politically correct blind eye to.

    I'd advise the WTS to take the same advice they offer abuse survivors - shut the f*ck up and "wait on Jehovah."

  • MikeMusto

    Hi Nathan,

    You will be glad to know that at this weekends past Sepcial Assem. day- Georgia

    was indeed mentioned. And the brohters report certianly did say that they "were waiting

    on Jehovah"- Im not sure what shutting up would do...I think some people are interested

    when stuff like this happens

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