Ozzie's Weekend Poll #48

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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    Well, how's the weekend going? Grey skies and strong bitterly cold winds over the highlands of New South Wales have made for a gloomy old day here. Still the warm thoughts of friends and lovely phone calls certainly brighten our day.

    What are we going to reminisce about this weekend? We were talking with friends Bliss and Prisca about the number of friends who've seen the truth about "the Troof" and we thought we should take the opportunity of sharing. So that's the simple poll question for this weekend:

    How many of your friends have left the Borg?

    a) None

    b) 1 to 5

    c) 6 to 10

    d) 11 to 20

    e) 21 to 30

    f) 31 to 40

    g) 41 to 50

    h) 51 to 100

    i) more than 100 (WOW!!!)

    Enjoy the reminiscing. We do. In case you're wondering, Mrs Ozzie and I got to nearly 100 of our former dub friends who've left! And that's just in New South Wales. Woohoo!!

    We're looking forward to your replies. It should make for interesting reading. No doubt it will show that the "revolving door" is operating very much in the Borg. Just as new ones come in the front door, an equal number are leaving by the back door.

    Cheers, Ozzie


    Oh how I wish there were more.

    I am happy to say: 1

    Long lost we were, from 1983 until 2000.

    On Tishie's old forum/site, I was looking up on the 'lost & found' xjws list, and scrolled down countless pages, until I saw a name that had me nearly falling backwards out of my chair. It was them.

    I e-mailed them; then we spoke.....and then we finally met, almost 3 years ago in Niagara Falls. It was an unforgettable experience.

    As for others: I am not sure. I just hope somehow, somewhere, they'll show up here on this site. Maybe they'll answer one of the Ozziepost's polls .


    Hey Ozzie.....................do bible studies count?????????

    .............because mr bliss and myself can proudly say that we have helped clear up doubts with facts for 2 bible studies.........just by pointing them to the internet and discussing personal experiences and raymond's famous books. So that's 2 we have helped directly to keep out of the borg, then roughly 10 friends and aquaintances who have left.

    I hope more people leave,..............including your kids.

    Love to you and mrs ozzie.



    PS: Mr Bliss sends his love too.

  • ignored_one

    5 that I know of, all raised at JWs.

    2 are on this board, MattNoel and Chevysntats.

    There were quite a few friends that were on their way out last time I heard from them so I dunno about them. Perhaps I'll have to do some snooping.

    Ignored One.

  • Reborn2002

    Answer: D

    Where I grew up, there was virtually a mass exodus of all the "young people" aged 16-24 in my age group who were "born into" or "raised in" the Troof.

    I personally know of at least 15 that have left the JW organization back in Chicago where I once attended. While I do not necessarily associate with them because I live almost 2,000 miles away now, I am happy to hear that the Dubs are losing young ones rapidly.

  • gumby

    100 is a lot of people OZ ! It takes some real thinking to recall the ones a person knows of.

    I can only think of 5 and some of those were not "real close" friends. I too hope to find someone here that was an old 'CLOSE" friend of mine.

    Cool story Razorblade.


  • outnfree

    Well, I started to put down 3 (besides myself), but when I thought about it, one of those had 2 baptized children who have also left. So I was up to five. The rest of us had a combined total of 8 kids who were not baptized but were being raised as Witness kids. That's 14, including me, so

    d) 11 to 20


    That was kinda nice to reflect upon, Ozzie! Thanks.


  • Mulan

    I think it's about 15, so #d.

  • blondie

    d) 11 to 20

  • twinkletoes

    Only two at present but it's early days yet !


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