Trump's not under investigation

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  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Trump's Lawyer managed to make all of these claims in times span of about five minutes:

    A: Trump is not under investigation

    B: Trump is under investigation

    C: In a way, Trump is and isn't under investigation

    D: He doesn't know whether or not Trump is under investigation

    Did this lawyer used to work for the Watchtower? He sounds like one of the idiots testifying at the ARC.

  • sir82


    The coalition forces are fleeing from Baghdad in terror before the mighty Iraqi Army!

  • JWdaughter

    Sekulow has a very agenda based law practice. Until now, I thought he was rooted in an idealism and devotion to promote good values, which I now recognize to be a naive idea on my part. I haven't followed his work in years but even when I did, I thought he was operating from sincerity even if he was grssping constitutionally about various issues(even some I supported at the time). Then, as now, I recognize that my ideals and preferences might not be fitting in with the laws of land and/or constitutional principles, but I wonder if Sekulow cares about principles at all. He didn't seem very passionate about his new mission which I cannot blame him for however I no longer believe that he works for what he believes in because though DJT may be spouting some conservative platitudes he is clearly not a conservative figure to stand up for. He is not a principled political or business person. I believed that Sekulow was at least working on principle before. This affiliation with Trump is troubling to me. My conservative foundation is rocked a bit more for this.


    Jay Sekulow is a Christian Lawyer, Trump saw on Fox News.

    Good thing Trump wasn`t watching an actor, playing a Lawyer on a Fox TV Show.


    "Trump Is Innocent I Tell Ya!"

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    “Sekulow is not a criminal attorney,” Josh Marshall, editor of Talking Points Memo, wrote earlier this month. “He’s not a defense attorney. He’s not even an attorney with any specialty in litigating the particular legal privileges of a president.

    “There is literally nothing in Sekulow’s professional background (other than perhaps simply having a law degree) which would suit him to the very specific legal task of defending a sitting president from legal jeopardy.”


    To read more click the link below:

    Who is Jay Sekulow, Donald Trump's contradictory new lawyer?

  • Simon

    As I've already said, we're not going to have these endless "nothing" topics. If something ever actually happens, we can talk about it. Until then, this is all pure political propaganda and it's getting boring.

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