CO Comes Up With A New Way To Be Judgemental...

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  • JWdaughter
    They are onto faders. Can't actually do anything. . .
  • blondie
    I knew several elders like that , never visible in the d2d even in their own service group
  • Zoos
    Does this fall under, "DO MORE!" ?
  • jookbeard
    and they wonder why so many are leaving or why there so so much inactivity, lack of motivation etc , the idiot probably doesn't see as far as the end of his nose.
  • oppostate

    It's actually quite easy to place mags and count them in your monthly report.

    1. Place them in the rubbish bin.

    2. remember to count how many and write the number on your time slip.

    The real problem with the hypothetical publisher is that he was way too accurate an account on his service record.


    So the "lay-it-on- heavy approach is making another orbit -

    You may recall how we used to have our own cards handed out to us in the CO-Elders meeting and it would be scrutinised before all present. And you would sit there and whip yourself with lashes of guilt !

    Of course in most cases the sisters hours and that of some in the congo. outperformed the elders stats. So unless he was going to dissolve the entire body there was blow-all he could do except to make you feel "sh--t"/

    What was never ascertained about your performance as an Elder / human was any acts of loving kindness and fine works that you were performing like lifting folk to meetings and sitting with the grieving and dying and the like !

  • alanv

    If we look at the graph on jwfacts we can see that although bible studies have a healthy growth rate over the years, the actual number of baptised has stayed about the same for the past twenty five

  • Pistoff

    It was unrealistic, unreasonable.

  • OneFingerSalute
    If it doesn't give too much away, what is that CO name? I knew one about six years ago that was pretty effeminate that like to beat people into submission. basically treated the congregation as if all in it were his personal valets.
  • stuckinarut2

    Once again we see that someone's worth or "spirituality" is determined by outward appearances and numbers on a page!

    Where in the bible was it now that Jesus gave those directions? I can't seem to find the scripture.......

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