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    Barbara Anderson made a short summary in English. I copy here :

    I Google translated the article: see below. However, I could not translate the quotations from the WTS's literature.

    Abuses TJ urges the Government to investigate sexual abuse within Jehovah's Witnesses

    The group of former members wants the Prosecutor's Office to act to protect the victims and seize the files of the religious confession

    October 25, 2018

    The Abusos TJ collective has sent a letter to the Ministry of the Interior on Wednesday to urge them to investigate the alleged cases of sexual abuse that have been concealed for years from the different congregations in Spain of the Jehovah's Witnesses. As Crónica Global has learned, the main motivation of the letter is that for the first time a judicial process has been opened - in secret of summary - of a case in which the crime has not prescribed. This process could bring before the courts not only the alleged aggressors, but also some elders of the congregation who were aware of these abuses.

    Since the collective and sent in December 2016 a letter to the previous Executive, led by Mariano Rajoy, but never got a response. The current situation is more optimistic. In addition to this new case without prescribing, the public approach of other religious confessions, such as that of the Catholic Church, to update its protocols before cases of abuse to minors so that priests and bishops are required to notify the Office of the Prosecutor that receives, has opened a new scenario more favorable for the collective Abusos TJ.

    In conversation with this medium, they consider that the Attorney General's Office must intercede to "protect any victim of abuse" as well as to "requisition and protect the integrity of the sexual abuse files" that the confession has been "compiling for years" . On the other hand, from the Department of the Interior they explain that they will respond to the letter in a couple of days, but they remember that the Public Prosecutor can open "proceedings" if the case is not yet judicialized.

    Secret files

    At the time, Crónica Global exclusively published a series of secret archives in the international arena that included some of the cases of sexual abuse of minors that had occurred within the cult.

    Also, in some of the documents that circulate internally within the confession it can be seen that the elders are asked to "put in envelopes" and "not destroy" the data of all the cases, whether they are confirmed or not. In this sense, Abusos TJ urge the Government to "requisition" these documents that constitute a large database of both victims and alleged perpetrators.

    In another of the documents it is observed that they have protocalized how to talk to a victim, even if he is a minor, and without addressing the competent authorities. "They do not have psychological training to address the victims. It is one more way to cover the episodes, "explained Abusos TJ. It is about - they add - to investigate it through its "parallel courts".

    Expulsion, half Another of the conflicting points of the internal documents that circulate among congregations is that in the case that the culpability of an aggressor has been demonstrated and he has been expelled from the congregation, he can rejoin in another congregation of another city. That yes "elders should not inform the new congregation" - says the document - until "receive advice from the Department of Legal Affairs and instructions from the Department of Service."

    Internal document of Jehovah's Witnesses In addition, they have a card that says "Do not visit" in which the removal of these aggressors is guaranteed only to members of the cult, but no, they explain from Abusos TJ, "to the neighbors or other people if they are not of the Witnesses of Jehovah".

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