Divorced by Layoff

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  • Lostandfound

    After decades of "marriage" to Bethel being laid off is like a divorce, shattering and devastating with feelings of betrayal and distrust. I have been made redundant from an employer with generous terms yet it was an emotional trauma being torn away from what I as a big part of my life. Being laid off so casually by an organisation that claims to be far superior toanywordlyemployer must be devastating. Imagine releasing these poor soulsi to scores of Congs,will they be a positive influence. I doubt it. Dissent and distrust spread far and wide.

    Divorce end slots of family ties and leads to bitterness for many. Happy song should be reworked as Embittered song.

    Less publishing means less workers needed but in UK a factor in selecting people for redundancy isLIFO last in first out. WT use NNNSO not needed now so out.

    In time the effects of the earth.y paradise at Warwick costs will be not mere money but widespread bitterness slowly spreading as ex bethelites see luxury of GB and face reality of loneliness, poverty, and a faith destroyed.

    Give a or man a fish and he can eat today, give him a fishing rod and he can fish for food daily, give a bethelite the sack, no one notices, give thousands of bethelites the sack and you create an enemy of malcontents within. Such people will carry the scars of their treatment very lightly.

  • Finkelstein

    To whose fault is it that these people didn't see that the WTS is a lying corrupt religious publishing house. ? That lies and deceptions were put forth to attain wealth and labor from people as well to foster self empowerment to a few select men.

    The lies and corruption has to "con"tinune on to sustain that incoming money and labor. $$$

  • HappyDad

    Hopefully some of them will wake up and maybe we will see a few on this forum in the future.


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