Because Of The BORG:

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  • HiddlesWife

    Many of the women and men have not achieved the life title or status plus goals she/he/they may have tried to achieve or embark on.

    For example: (A) Some women are only spiritual sisters. They may have worked on to become a wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, etc. Due to the BORG's "do more" mandates, some have been oh so busy in putting the organization first as pioneers (auxiliary, regular, etc.--these type of titles) a great deal that time passes by to the point whereas they reach a "certain"age (BORG-wise: over 30 and beyond is tooooo old) and these women are not considered dating nor marrying age. Furthermore, the congs. want these women to be readily available for favors [a.k.a. sidekicks for certain domineering sisters and chauffers for ones in the cong that others (no doubt popular ones) won't lend a helpful hand in doing, etc.].

    (B) Some men are only spiritual brothers. These may have worked on to become a husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, etc., as well. Also, DITTO due to the BORG's "do more" mandates in their case, too. DITTO to their individual congs. wanting them to be readily available for favors. Also, especially ever since T. Morris' infamous talk harping on bros not to be considered marriage material if they are not MSs by age 23 (sooo ridunkulus)! DI

    Suffice it to say, for some in the circumstances I stated above, their personal standing may change up, but it is still not right for this to be the case, if he or she really wants to become more than a spiritual brother or sister.

    Outside of the BORG, men and women of all ages, race, backgrounds (financial, etc.) have experienced and are experiencing LIFE without any restrictions or unnatural mandates. I look at them [coworkers at my job, neighbors in my community, strangers in the street/places within in my travels (nationally and internationally), and including my family members/relatives who are non-Jdubs] who are living LIFE happily, naturally and normally.

    And all because they are not in the BORG. . . . . .

  • scratchme1010

    Which is why it is called a high demand, controlling group. I completely agree. The saddest thing to see is all those people wasting their entire lives preparing for the paradise that they may or may not get. It is a very horrible reality to accept after leaving, and it's the reason why some remain instead of admitting how much time and life they have wasted.

  • HiddlesWife

    Thank you scratchme1010.

    That is why a good amount of ex-JWs and those fading are making concerted efforts to make personal changes and live their lives to the fullest (i.e, travelling, hobbies, college/universities, etc.). In fact, one of my sister's friends--who is inactive and fading--has encouraged my sister, my close cousin and myself to start dating (this young woman's husband, also inactive, has set up a future event to have us meet some young men!). So, Jdubs who want to reach these life title/goals better wake up and live LIFE!

  • Chook

    Sisters who genuinely put their trust in the org have miss out on finding a husband and sometimes menopause has arrived which has caused personal heartache for them. We can see from bible accounts and IV conception that it affects women in a great way not being able to have children. This pain bestowed on these sisters is purely a cult decision from men who have lived sheltered lives ruling from Warwick.

  • LongHairGal


    So right you are about them wanting those older single sisters around to do favors, act as chauffeurs, etc.....I came in as a young adult and saw the bullshit handwriting on the wall and I had NO intention of being targeted by anybody there!

    I also think this mentality is behind the JW "only marry in the Lord" thing because they'll lose a drudge once a woman gets married.

    As somebody who was criticized for having a full time job, I was doubly bound and determined never to give the time of day to any user in the religion!....After my "fade", I went back to my normal life without this garbage.

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