A cult thats worse than the dubs!!

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    I dont know if anyone is interested in this, but I have been doing alot of research on popular cults. My husband was a member of this religious group that I am about to display for 21 years. His background is so similar to my own that it is bizarre. I guess thats why we understand each other so well His previous organizagion is .. well.. controling is an understatement. I guess I first started doubting my religion as a dub when I looked at this information. The similarities are remarkable, but I dare say - He was worse off. If anyone is interested, they can check this out


    This cult actually had a list of rules that everyone HAD to follow - even adults. This is the only copy I can get - its kind of hard to read, but its worth it for a laugh.

    RCI Guidelines

  • In_between_days

    Oops, I screwed up the link, here is the correct one:


  • Kenneson

    Incredible! Wonder how many members belong. I think it should be called the Church of the Letter of the Law. How can legislating morality be a revival? True change of the heart is internal, not external.

  • In_between_days
    Wonder how many members belong

    Ken, it is quite a fast growing religion, its international obviously, but is quite big in Australia - on the surface they just look like an ordinary Born Again Christian goup, you slowly get indocrinated into the other stuff. They also require that you give 10% of your wage to the church every week.

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