Is it persecution or just a poor decision?

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  • ctrwtf

    Just been thinking about the "persecution" video where the modern day "Job" loses everything. Here's an alternative narrative.

    Instead of turning down the salary job in the next town over, our hero takes the job even though it's a tough commute. He is still able to contribute in a meaningful way to his "ministry." He just sleeps less. (like the rest of us) After a while he makes such an impression that he is promoted, sells his dump of a house in the first town and moves closer to his job, purchasing an even better home in a better school district for his children.

    Because he has health insurance through his workplace, he get's screened for cancer and they are able to detect a pre-cancerous polyp. In an outpatient procedure he has it taken care of and doesn't miss a beat with his work, family and the all important "ministry."

    Because he is well paid, his wife doesn't have to take a job cleaning someone else's house. Therefore, she doesn't have to have the myopic grandpa pick the kids up from school, meaning that they avoid the fatal accident altogether.

    My point is, all of his "persecution" could have been avoided by a better decision. But that is too simple an alternative for the purposes of a mind control doomsday cult.

  • maninthemiddle

    I always have had a similar thought in the back of my mind with many of the "experiences" over the years.

    This was no exception. I was thinking, take the promotion and find a new job while keeping this one.

    Same with the often repeated convention experiences, boss won;t give you time off? Probably poor planning on your part. Go to a different city for the convention, get a new job before next year's convention.

    There are many more intelligent possibilities than quitting your job for one day at one convention.

    They create this distress to themselves.

  • WingCommander

    It's self-destructive behaviour which causes the WT's own brand of a "self-fulfilling prophecy" of doom.

    It's all part of their mind-control. If you are well-off, then Satan has his hold on you.

    If you are an uneducated, poverty stricken, low-class slob working as a janitor while you Pioneer your life away and donate every last penny to the Org, why Jehovah is blessing your future perfect self in the New System.

    Makes sense to a deluded cult member who's suffering day after day.

    Education, a good job, and good health are a sign of "giving in" to Satan's wicked world. What a helluva way to live.

  • ToesUp

    "Education, a good job, and good health are a sign of "giving in" to Satan's wicked world. "

    Says the GB. The ones who have (free of charge) housing, insurance, doctors/nurses at their beck and call, insurance (car and health), 3 square meals a day (including clean up and preparation of food), maid service to clean up your lake front condo, laundry service, hair cuts, dental work and transportation (driver included and plane trips). Oh and let's not forget all the JW's who wine and dine them (looks lie they are all enjoying that perk too much). How many wealthy JW's contribute a lovely vacation home for the wonderful 7? I could go on and on. These 7 men do not have a clue what it is like to live in the real world. If they had to live a "normal life", they would hang themselves. They speak of things that they know NOTHING about.

  • Wayward

    You'll notice they never offer follow ups to the 'experiences'. Guy quits his job because his boss wouldn't let him have a day off for the convention? He's praised for quitting but you never hear that Jehovah never blessed his lack-witted decision. Instead, he was unemployed until his benefits ran out, then took a much lower paying job stocking supermarket shelves at night. And he's going to lose this job too because the managers won't give him the day off for the convention because he hasn't worked long enough for vacation time. Guy's wife had to stop pioneering so she could get a job and keep a roof over her kids' heads and food in their bellies.

  • millie210

    Even when I was a full in Witness I used to have opinions on this that were exactly like the ones above.

    Like the pioneer sister who drives around on bald tires and then when she has a flat, blames Satan.


    Even when I was a full in Witness I used to have opinions on this that were exactly like the ones above.

    Like the pioneer sister who drives around on bald tires and then when she has a flat, blames Satan.....millie210

    I had a car full of JW Woman,in the field service..

    Drive out to my ranch in the middle of no where..

    In the worst piece of crap vehicle you could imagine..

    Guess where the car dies?.....Right in the ranch driveway..

    Now I can either keep the JW Woman as Slaves..(Nobody knows where they are..)..LOL!!..


    Fix the car and get rid of a car full of JW Woman,all Talking at Once..


    Considering not one of them was ever going to stop talking and they were scaring the local wildlife..

    Fixing the car was my only option..


  • steve2

    Yes. Unskillful decision-making and poor interpersonal skills see people get in all sorts of pickles all the time.

    Religious people, however, call this, "persecution".

    It's also a reflection of low emotional intelligence and a form of denial of personal accountability ( you make certain decisions, you get certain results).

  • ttdtt

    Everyone thinkings they are Job - and the universe revolves around them.

  • LongHairGal


    It's a bad decision and certainly not persecution..How can anybody believe these ridiculous videos and base life altering decisions on them???

    This is simply madness! I couldn't even feel sorry for anybody who did.


    I was one of the people criticized for having a job and not pioneering. This is why I wouldn't give a dime and would run from these fools now!

    TOES UP:

    I agree they have no clue as to living in the real world which is why I let their unwise advice go in one ear and out the other. I'm so grateful I ignored it all.

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