Today is my two year shuniversary

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  • kairos

    Glad it isn't the 1200's...
    3-25-89 to 9-10-15.

    Today is my two year shuniversary since they executed me for apostasy.

  • kairos

    If you haven't seen the production of "Candide", I strongly suggest it to all exDubs!

  • kairos

    I had the opportunity to perform on trombone with the local college orchestra on May 17 2015, just before they publicly executed me in front of family and friends.

    It was a life changing experience, for sure.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    At least you were not burnt at the stake like they used to do....... And I agree Voltaire's Candide makes for a hilarious stage production (English National Opera was fantastic) as is the original book. He mocked the "spiritual advisers" mercilessly.

    If only the GB saw how futile their efforts are as the Lord's appointed "spiritual advisers". They demand total obedience but completely mislead the flock and have done so since the Watchtower began. They would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

    Hope you are adjusting to the real world Kairos.

  • NewYork44M

    Happy anniversary... I mean, shuniversary. I hope you have used the past two years to develop a successful life.

  • kairos

    I have done some good for myself.
    I've become a professional musician and have taken over leadership of a performing Big Band. I'm the trombone player front and center!

  • Tapioca

    Congratulations! Sharing your "good news" helps everyone in the forum. It's good to have some personal goals and it looks like you have nailed down some of yours!

  • scratchme1010

    Congratulations. You don't sound too "executed". You sound pretty much more alive an happier.

  • dubstepped

    Congrats man! Our two year just hit on September 2. I remember you leaving around the same time. We're shun-buddies.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Happy Shuniversary

    May you have a successful future and lot's of fun

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