Coordinator of Elders Problems in One Southern England Circuit!

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  • Crazyguy
    COBE, of my wife's hall resigned stating stress and being over used, his daughter had also moved out and started living with her worldly boyfriend. Don't know if her doing this was part of the reason he stepped down but he also resigned as an elder too. One thing I do know is he's still as delusional as ever.
  • EdenOne
    The legal exposure of being an elder is sufficient reason to avoid it like a poison chalice.

    ^^This. If I hadn't stepped down years ago, this would be reason enough to convince me to step down now.


  • HappyHappyHappy1914

    We just had our co visit and he made it clear to "remind the brothers of their dedication" i.e. Guilt the, into serving out. Over the next few years, when this problem gets worse and worse expect more pressure to be put on those not serving. Anthony Morris' comments about being 23 and a MS makes it clear how the gb feels about those serving.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Sorry for the delay BOHM: since elders in circuits are pretty familiar with each other, it wouldn't surprise me if they were discouraging each other when they meet, because they have nothing good to talk about - only all the bad news they keep being given by the Org to announce/conceal from their congregations.

    Even if elders were very close friends, the terror of being accused as an apostate would normally prevent any co-ordinated resignations being done by elders. Wonderful coincidences though!

  • bohm

    The searcher: Okay here is a really silly question, when do elders meet? (assemblies or one of those special yearly meetings?)

    All the news we are hearing must be seeping through to the elders. Along with the many recent changes it must be having an effect. I read that many rapid changes can be a factor to draw someone into a cult (a feeling something important is happening) however this was aimed at a younger person. An elder, who presumably would often be a middle-aged person with a family, stability is likely a more important factor mentally and the many changes (such as the digitalization of the religion and the televised appearance of the GB members in their daily life) must require major mental re-adjustment.

  • sparrowdown

    The COBE is the elder most likely to end up with several knives in his back, placed there by the other elders with the help of the CO. It's all very political.

  • freddo

    CoBE's in a circuit talk to each other a fair bit; here's why.

    CoBE's typically also do or are involved in the circuit organising jobs - Circuit Accounts, Attendants Overseers, Assembly Hall caretaking etc. - and quite a few get used on assembly parts so go to rehearsals.

    If the circuit accounts brother or the CO's brown-noser assistant paperwork cruncher (often a CoBE or Secretary) wants to communicate with all the congregations in the circuit they use email to other CoBE's, not through jdubyadotorg

    So an email goes out saying - "The CO has asked me to remind you all that the circuit pioneer meeting will be at the local Assembly Hall on Julember 9th. Please let your pioneers know. Oh and share cars and bring some cakes, for brother and sister fatty to lay on refreshments." Then someone will phone up an ask for clarification and then it's "Hey Bob did you here about ... what do you reckon ...?"

    They are also responsible for public talks and will talk to other CoBE's nearby to arrange them (although often an assistant is used).

    Any inter-congregation issues (you know, Johnny from City North and Mary from City South are from different congregations and they've been caught shagging each other's brains out) and introductions will go CoBE to CoBE.

    They are often of a certain type and they yak to each other too. I know that the Royal Australian Commission, money/finance requests and the Bethel Culls - which may effect their kids - have been great topics for conversation among the circuit heavies (CoBE's, Secretaries and other prominent elders) in my area.

  • bohm
    freddo: Thanks for the insight, it makes total sense but it just never occurred to me. If the Bethel culls is a topic of conversation in your area (australia?) it must be so worldwide -- so much for the downsizing not coming back to bite them in the ass!
  • konceptual99


    Do you know which circuit this is?

  • mana11
    Great News!,,,

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