Dogs More Important Than Spouses?

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  • SYN

    This is some screwy stuff!!!

    Dogs rank higher than spouses - UK survey

    May 03 2003 at 01:51PM

    London - One in three British dog owners spends more time with their pet than with their partner - and when it comes to sleeping, they rate highly as cuddly bedfellows, a survey has shown.

    Over 40 percent of dog-owners allow their four-legged friends to share their bed, the poll of 500 dog owners on behalf of Churchill Insurance found.

    Eleven percent even felt that their pooches had assumed a more important role in their lives than their spouses.

    Two in three said their dog was their best friend and one in 10 said it was more important to them than their family.

  • JH

    Often a person has to make a choice over a pet and a person, and often the pet wins.

    If a person has an animal for years, and is attached to it, then comes a new person in your life, and he/she hates animals. What do you think will happen. Either the animal goes of the newcomer goes. And often that's what happens. The animal wins.

    We get attached to them...

  • Hamas

    Most UK survey's that I have read recently are pathetic and don't actually say much about the mindset of the country.

    For instance, I read in many Labour ran newspapers that opinion polls were suggesting 'total support' for the war in Iraq.

  • Scully

    Why Dogs are Better than Husbands

    • They don't care if they get the same thing for dinner every day, or that it comes out of a box or is dry and not heated up.
    • Dogs produce less laundry and housework.
    • Dogs don't ask if you really needed to spend all that money on new clothes, makeup, shoes, etc. for yourself.
    • Dogs do not buy power tools that they will never use.
    • Dogs don't care if your hair turns gray or if you gain a little weight, and if you do, they won't go looking for a replacement.
    • Dogs will never have a mid-life crisis and buy a new sports car.
    • Dogs don't mind if you have male friends.
    • Dogs do not play golf.
    • Dogs do not commandeer the TV remote.
    • and most importantly: Dogs will never ask you to lick their privates, because they can do it just fine by themselves.

    Love, Scully

  • gumby

    I'm guilty as charged!

    My wife I think, actually gets a little jealous over my affection I show to my dog. I sweet talk my dog way more than I sweet talk her, and I pet and hug my dog more than her. But!

    If I were to lose both of them at once in death the dog wouldn't be a factor.

    The funny thing is in me saying that, is when we lost our last dog of 10 years, ......I cried and greived for her more than I did my own dad when he died whom I loved very much............................Very weird

    Edited to add something else I just thought of,

    I could be wrong, but I think being shunned by family members close to me has made me closer to my dog who doesn't judge me, nor ever make me feel like I've failed.

    ( damn I hope I'm not sounding like a pychopathic sick bastard! ) I can't spell pcyco


  • BluesBrother

    I always knew we Brits were nuts about pets.. But please note only 500 sad souls were asked

    I never liked dogs much since they barked at me while out on the "Ministry" . they could be a real pain

  • mattnoel

    I was going to comment but then noticed that the survey was done on behalf of my company, so I am just gonna shut up and sit back

  • SYN

    Cats are even better than dogs, because they're independent! You have to earn their affection

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