The Multilocational Jesus

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  • Smiles

    If Jesus is now so superpowerful that he can exist at multiple locations simultaneously (e.g., dwelling inside of a true believer AND popping into all the best gatherings of two or more peeps in his name) why does Jesus bother hiring angels to work gigs?

  • truth_b_known

    The shortest answer I can come up with in such scenarios is this - magic.

    On a side note, I learned a lot more about the Israelites' history and religion after I stopped being one of Jehovah's Witnesses. There are some interesting research points I have found. I wonder in retrospect why the Watchtower never took the time to explain some of these things.

    Take for instance the Sadducees that are brought up in the Gospels and New Testament. These men where affluent and influential. As such, there were not a whole lot of them, but they did outnumber the Pharisees who were newer and had no real influence.

    The Sadducees took it upon themselves to make sure that Judaism was kept pure from foreign religions. The Israelites always seemed to be subjugated by the world power of the time (e.g. Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome). Anyone teaching something outside the Mosaic Law was rounded up and dealt with.

    Here are two teachings they maintained and enforced -

    1. There are other heavenly being aside from God. No angels. No demons. No Satan.
    2. There is no life after death.
  • Smiles

    Brilliant! I thank you for sharing your reaearch.

  • Fisherman

    Well said.

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