Attack near St Catherine's Monastery

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  • Earnest

    Following on from the bombings of Coptic Churches in Egypt, there was an attack earlier this month on a checkpoint near St Catherine's Monastery. This monastery dates back to the time of Justinian and has a number of early Bible mss including part of codex Sinaiticus of the fourth century.

    I am surprised this hasn't happened before because ISIS is active in northern Sinai and it would be a major event were they to gain access and wreak havoc at St Catherine's Monastery. Although the isolation of the monastery has contributed to its survival over 1400 years, it is in the forefront of digitising its manuscript collection.

    The account of the attack can be read here.

  • careful

    Thanks, Earnest, for this info. It makes me wonder if they'll be back and if Egypt will beef up security there.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    The destruction of old buildings is inexcusable, but as for human life? I console myself with the thought that if the Christians were the majority, they would treat the Muslims just as ruthlessly as the Muslims are now treating them; and everything I know about Christian history tells me this is true. Who would you pity more, the Bloods or the Crips?

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