"Because it's my choice!"

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  • SonoftheTrinity

    My stepsons, aged 12 and 13 are proud to be the first boys in their school with facial hair, and are choosing not to shave it "Because it's my choice!" much to their JW mother's chagrin. I am so proud of them for standing up to their mother, but if they want to shave later on it's their choice. I have always found JW clean shaven policies to be feminizing and infantilizing, and contrary to scripture.

  • sir82

    A 12 year old with "facial hair"?

    What do you give him for breakfast, testosterone burgers?

  • punkofnice

    Good for them. the old beard ban is just corporate dress code.

    If a beard is good enough for.................................

    Image result for jesus had a beard

  • Sandino

    Well, I don't know exactly where you're from (I don't need to know), but around here, there's a growing number of brothers that have beards. My congregation doesn't seem to mind me having one. If they DID mind, oh well, they shouldn't have one. I hope it's an indication that the rank and file brothers are waking up to the mind control.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Facial hair at 12 & 13?

    I didn't even have hair on my . . . . at 12 years old.

    Too many hormones in the meat we're consuming.

  • SonoftheTrinity

    It's because of their ancestry on an isolated archipelago where the men, and indeed some of the women are hirsute from a young age. It's not because of diet.

  • smiddy3

    I`m sorry but facial hair on 12 and 13 year olds ? Your kidding aren`t you ? OOPS sorry I just seen your above post

    I shudder to think of the beavers on the women

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