darkest hour

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  • zeb

    The film Darkest Hour.

    Recommended watching.

  • slimboyfat

    I agree it was a good film.

    How I rated films I've watched so far this year:

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri 9/10

    Very funny, good characters

    Darkest Hour 8/10

    Focuses on key part Churchill played in fighting on, two marks off for cringeworthy inaccurate underground scene

    Last Flag Flying 8/10

    Funny film, well acted, especially Cranston, slightly anti-war but but not enough for my taste

    The Post 2/10

    Boring attempt to cover contemporary issues of free speech and feminism through historical lens

    Loveless 10/10

    Best film so far, very bleak, set in Russia, beautiful images and some darkly funny scenes

    The Shape of Water 7/10

    Okay sort of fantasy/love story, well done if you like that

    Phantom Thread - not seen yet

  • freddo

    Very good film. Agree with Slimboy about the "underground" scene - absolute nonsense.

    My favourite in recent viewings - "Hacksaw Ridge".

  • slimboyfat

    I just saw Phantom Thread. I'd give it 10/10.

    Excellent actkng. I not sure if it's entirely intentional, but I understand the film as a comment on contemporary anxiety about gender roles and excellently executed. Some will find the plot twist unsatisfying, but I tend to understand it metaphorically in relation to the theme. Plus it's got some very funny scenes.

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