To Sheila and Thunder

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  • foreword


    Although we don't know each other, I do sense a lot of love and respect in your relationship. That kind of feeling when you know no one else could fill your partner's shoes. And although you're aware the other is not perfect, your admiration for each other is beyond that. Really nice to see. It can be felt all the way here in my living room.

    I've always envied (a little) people who seemed so much in love after so many years. It just something I could never get right, no matter how hard I tried. It always seemed like the person I was with was not the one I should be with.

    It's cute to see you guys still courting. Truly a proof that it can be done.

    Long life to both of you, your family and relationship.

  • SheilaM


    Thank you so much for your kind wordsYes, I wish that all people could have the love like Thunder and I have shared. I am just speechless but Thank you so much and I wish you the best

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider


    I appreciate your sentiments. I wish everyone could experience what Sheila and I have. I know we both work at it. She is forever finding things to do that she knows will please me and vice versa. I think that when each person in a relationship work towards the happiness of their mate good things happen. I get the biggest thrills just seeing her smile from surprising her with some flowers or a lime-ade from Sonic. I'm glad those feelings are even evident to others in the words we use in our posts.

    Your right it is possible to have a happy and lasting marriage.


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