Did you ever have dreams about Armageddon ????

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  • Hamas

    I remember having a few, JW scare tactics must have inbedded themselves into me.

    I remember one. I was downstairs in my front room when all of a sudden the ground started to rumble and the sky turned from pitch black to red. Hailstones and fire started crashing down from heaven and people started rushing into the streets.

    It scared the shit out of me, I remember looking around for my dad but he along with my brother and sister were amoungst those that were outside, burning to death because they had left the borg or held no interest in it at all.

    I woke up and as a result redoubled my efforts in the service, and I think I even gave three answers at the Watchtower which was extreemly unlike me. From that moment on I always feared the day I had to part with the rest of my family when God's day came, knowing I was safe at the Kingdom Hall and my family were burning to death elsewhere.

    But the biggest dream of them all lasted 20 years, when I dreamt that one day it would actually happen.

  • NeonMadman

    Mine usually involved lots of tornadoes.

  • gitasatsangha

    I had this dream while I was a witness that all kinds of people were killed, zapped, whatever, and then it was over. the JWs survived but so did a lot of other people which caused confusion. The last part of the dream was really awful, with Jehovah some kind of unseen dictator using minesterial servants as gestapo. The elders and minesterial servants lived inside these wonderful domes with all kinds of nice things, while everyone else toiled to make the wrecked earth a garden. In the dream in confronted a minesterial servent I knew in real life but then Jehovah got mad at me for it and I couldnt breathe. I woke up scared to death and wrote it down.

    It wasn't long after that that I stopped going to meetings.

  • sandy

    The other night I had this dream that Armegeddon came in the form of water. Just like Noah's day. It seems like ever since Titanic (w/ D'Caprio) I always dream Armegeddon will come in the form of a flood.

    In my dream too, God was not only saving JWs. All I had to do was survive the water and I would make it through. But it wasn't paradise I was trying to make it to. I was just trying to make it out alive. The world was still going to be imperfect but God was giving everyone a chance to start all over. He was only killing the truly evil people in the world.

    I did survive but I woke up right after that. Funny how dreams are huh?

    I don't let my dreams freak me out anymore.

  • Fruitcake

    The fire and hail stones raining down upon Brooklyn Bethel? Beautiful....Brings tears to my eyes...

  • Dawn

    I used to have awful nightmares about Armageddon. The one I remember most is when my son was only about 1 - it's hailing fire balls and the sky is dark red. There's this standing plate of glass (like a window) that streaches across the land as far as you can see - everyone goes up and takes a turn trying to walk through. Some people can walk through it - for others it's solid and they can't make it. I'm too scared to try because I know if I don't make it through my son will die. It's an awful nightmare.

    I also used to have A LOT of nightmares about demons.

    I haven't had those in such a long time now - probably because I'm not afraid of either any longer.

  • gitasatsangha

    A lot of witness children have nightmares about demons. As a young child I would have nightmares where they were suffocating me, and I could not call out to Jehovah for help. Later I found many other children had similar dreams. In retrospect it is because the Watchtower org says that Demons are real and interact constantly with humanity. We were taught to turn the light on to dispell them (Odd how soem powerful multidimensional spirit warrior can be dispelled via a GE 40 Watt Softwhite, but no matter).

    I can see how the children at the Salem Witchtrials might have really beleived they were having spells cast on them. When you teach people this load of garbage it trully afects them, even physically.

    "Dear God, don't know if you noticed, but... your name is on
    a lot of quotes in this book, and us crazy humans wrote it, you
    should take a look, and all the people that you made in your
    image still believing that junk is true. Well I know it ain't, and
    so do you, dear God" -XTC

  • LDH
    ( Odd how soem powerful multidimensional spirit warrior can be dispelled via a GE 40 Watt Softwhite, but no matter).


    Mine usually weren't 'dreams' but rather fanciful attempts at doing things that I thought I would be experiencing during the Great Tribulation. I practiced:

    • holding my breath (in case I was deprived of oxygen)
    • pinching myself while being silent (to see if I would be the 'weak link' in the chain of physical abuse)
    • hiding Bibles and onther sundry 'theocratic' items in places where others would surely be greatful when it was discovered I was the only one thinking far enough ahead to hide such gems!
    • not eating lunch (to survive starvation and Holocaust type treatment)

    and on and on!

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