Do not waste your time writing letters to the Governing Body. (My story)

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  • Iamallcool
    Years ago, My first job was at the copy center just like Kinkos (now Fed Ex) There was ex jw family that I have met in the KH, but they did not attend the meetings regularly, just rarely probably just for social reasons, I guess. One of the unbaptized family members worked with me at the copy center. He tried to get me to read an apostate book, I refused to read one word of it, then one day he decided to copy the book by writing on many pieces of paper, what did I do? I shredded the papers after I looked at the name of Charles Russell. He was so dismayed when he witnessed me shredding all of the papers right away in front of him. His name was EW (Intials) I just do not want to spell out his name. I did not like him anyway, he was a very heavy smoker. I stayed away from him as much as possible. The moral of the story is do not waste your time writing letters to the Governing Body. They will NEVER read them!
  • carla

    This non jw has in fact written to NY and I can tell you that there were results. I was having a few issues with some of the local jw's and the elders had to take care of the problem. Went around the k-hell like wildfire I heard.

    Write the letters, even if it you get no response at least you will feel better. I suggest sending a copy of the letter to a journalist as well. If we keep asking the press to cover the story eventually they do. Not like Scientology but why not? why shouldn't the wt be held to task as well? one day.......

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