I hope A JW win Powerball

by ShirleyW 7 Replies latest jw friends

  • ShirleyW
    If so, they probably won't come forward for a while, then when they do, they'll probably be dragged into the back room for a talk about how the Dubs don't gamble, then the winner says he'll donate some, and of course all will be forgiven, then the Dub may finally see the hypocrisy of the Cult and denounce them on national TV as they hold up that big giant check for all to see!
  • Wild_Thing

    Forget the JWs, I hope I win the Powerball!

  • barry
    There is a site to buy tickets here in australia but the site went down because too many Aussies want some of the action.
  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    oh, I didn't win. Darn, I thought for sure this time!
  • MrsR-Awaken
    Someone in chino Hills California won powerball it's confirmed.
  • berrygerry
    If not Wild_Thing, I hope an ex_Dub with a serious vengeance wins.
  • Lieu
    Our State allows one to opt out of the show n tell. We can remain anonymous.
  • Fisherman
    Out of the clear blue sky someone came up to me and gave me a powerball ticket in front of witnesses. Imagine that! I laughed and and refused to accept it but he kept insisting and finally I took it.

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