Exciting things happend in Sweden

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  • happy man
    happy man

    After the letter we have read in all congs where it says what was said in TV was a bigg lie,and then they tell 3 points in the letter how was konfidential things,amaizing, here we have heard that what happend in kommites are konfidential, and whenTV ask fore comment we say no comments we can not t talk about konfidential things,, even when we was invited to a discus in TV we say no thanks, now we go out to evryone telling secret things, reading in evry cong in sweden, purpus was also to putt this letter inn all newspappers in sweden, BUT I HEARD TODAY NEWSPAPERS SAY NO, we dont take in this,beaucause it is a one side statment.

    Surprising? I think some have made a very bigg misstake, if this how they say iss lies, show upp to not bee lies, what than to do?

    Why was not all this peopel in US bee taken to court, as show upp in Dateline and panorama, some say we dont take peopel to curt, well we do in sweden as it seems.

    This must also bee terribel fore the wictims, how now are told they are liers, in public.

    This will be wery exaiting, to see what happend

  • Prisca

    Unfortunately, anything the media says is regarded as "lies" by the WTS, after all, they believe the world is in the power of Satan, thus they say that Satan controls the world's media. Sadly, most JWs will accept what the WTS says about the media, and will ignore what is truthfully reported.

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