Do JW Public Family Obituary Notices Include Names of Disfellowshipped Family Members

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  • steve2

    I have read some heart-rending accounts on this forum - and on reddit - of ex-JWs not finding out about the deaths of their JW family members - especially elderly fathers or mothers - until sometimes weeks after the deaths, if at all. And even then, they learn of the deaths via tersely communicated messages delivered probably due to a skerrick of remaining conscience by the JW-family spokesperson that the "decent" thing is to let the disfellowshipped individual know their own father or mother has died.

    A whole range of painful issues are stirred up by that topic alone. But it has also raised in my mind other related issues:

    For example, in countries where it is common practice to place obituary notices in local newspapers, do JWs include the names of ex-JWs, say, among the offspring of the deceased?

    A further question concerns instances where the offspring of the JW-deceased is a JW in good-standing but their spouse is not (e.g., disfellowshipped for apostasy). Is that in-law left off the obituary?

    Does JW organization have any "policies" on obituaries? Have questions like these ever been addressed in the Watchtower's Questions from Readers?

    I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can refer me to relevant JW organization literature (if it exists) or who has had first-hand experience of any of the above scenarios.

    Thank you in anticipation of your replies.

  • fulano

    I disfellowshipped my parents, so did my brother. They ruined our childhood and life untill I was 39 and saw the light. Let them go, I just want the inheritance that's all.

  • steve2

    Thanks Fulano. That I understand.

    Respectfully, could I redirect back to the thread topic in which I seek information on whether JW families include the names of disfellowshipped individuals in obituaries of deceased JW family and whether there is any JW organization directive and/or "policy" on this or whether it is a completely conscience-based decision by these families.

  • smiddy

    steve2 ,i think you already know the answer to your quesion .however it would be good to get actual occurences.

    Not that I have any examples either pro or con ,the many feedbacks on similar posts on this forum would suggest that active JW`s would not recognise a DF person in an Orbituary notice whether they are the deceased or a family member of the deceased.

    If they dont acknowledge them while they are alive ,why would they acknowledge them in death ?

    Just saying..

  • steve2

    Smiddy, yes you're right up to a point: As I said in my OP, I do know ex-JWs have reported on this forum being belatedly informed of JW family members' deaths.

    What I do not know is the extent to which JW organization has ever written anything at all about this, either in publications available to all (such as Letters from Readers in the Watchtower) or in more restricted publications such as the elders' manual or correspondence from the organization.

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