Unofficial Year Texts

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  • sir82

    Just got done watching the November broadcast. For the umpteenth time this year, the message was clear: "Shun your adult children, no matter how painful it is for you".

    Which got me thinking, the "real" message that the Watchtower wants to impart to its adherents seems to be varying year over year.

    If they were honest, their "year texts" would reflect that.

    Here is my compendium of what the True" year texts have been of late:

    2013: "Pledge eternal loyalty the governing body"

    2014: "Apostates are subhuman perverted morons"

    2015: "Give us your money"

    2016: "Shun your adult children or God will kill you"

    What do you suppose the "real" year text for 2017 will be?

  • wifibandit

    2017: "How dare you call us out on past mistakes?!"

  • Sanchy

    2017: Jesus never said the faithful slave would provide "perfect" food

  • blondie
  • freddo

    I beg to differ:

    2013: Silver Sword! The Bible to Last You Until Armageddon.

    2014: What Will 100 Years of Kingdom Rule Bring?

    2015: Don't You Go Saying We Said The End Would Come!

    2016: The Two Golden Rules: Donate and Shun Loyally!

    2017: We Err. Who Cares? Don't You Dare!

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