If there is a God/Creator, evolution/DNA followed the same pattern as computer technology

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  • Bad_Wolf

    If there is a God, we have no idea of his power and if he created the universe or merely biological lifeforms on earth, etc.

    But see a correlation with evolution and computer technology.

    Computer's began very basic, and as new coding is developed and new technologies created from the previous computers, the generation of computers, smartphones, technology, etc keeps evolving into more advanced life forms.

    If there was a creator for life on Earth, if he was unable to will things into existence, if they had to be 'designed', and he was starting from scratch, then the first forms would be basic, and he would use the developed code (DNA), to keep developing and branching out. With our pace, we may soon be having true AI that may one day become self aware.

    This doesn't prove anything, I'm agnostic, but I just thought it interesting how it would work that way. If we were able to create biological life from scratch, and start with making our own DNA codes, not going off something that is already in existence, we would have to follow the same pattern. It would be impossible to create an advanced life form right off the bat.

  • cofty

    The thing is though — the genomes of the most ancient organisms like prokaryotes and archaea are not all that simple.

    The real step forward in complexity was a chance event approximately 1.5 billion years ago. An archaea and a prokaryote settled on an endosymbiotic arrangement which made possible the growth of cells 10,000 to 100,000 times larger than previously.

    Prokaryotes 'breathe' through their membrane which puts a limit on their size — volume increases faster than surface area. But with multiple prokaryotes living inside a shared cell, all contributing energy, the sky's the limit.

    If there is a designer it took him 3 billion years to come up with that idea. He's not very bright is he?

    There is some more information about the evidence for endosymbiosis here...

  • waton
    "He's not very bright is he" correction added. cofty

    You don't have o be bright, as long as you are right, and the life we have is just right for us.

    Start wit energy and laws and let her rip.

  • cofty
    the life we have is just right for us

    Far from it.

  • Bad_Wolf
    If there is a designer it took him 3 billion years to come up with that idea. He's not very bright is he?

    Really depends. If he lives in another dimension, and is the equivalent to a computer programmer in his spare time working his hobby universe simulator, and time not being linear or the same as for us...

    But beyond the cells, the development of organs, limbs, etc.

    The point is the similarity in advancing computer technology which will lead into robotics and evolution. If time travel were possible, a smartphone engineer would be unable to travel to the 1500's and create an iphone with apps, etc. The evolution of technologies and key parts would have to be repeated to get to that point and biological life follows the same pattern.

  • cofty
    But beyond the cells, the development of organs, limbs, etc.

    What about them?

    If you are genuinely interested in how the genome and phenotype are related you could read some books on evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo). Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Sean B Carroll would be a good start.

  • chilango

    I don't think I see the same pattern in nature that I do in the historical development of computers. There appears to be at the very basic level of the material of this universe a certain undecideabliity, or 'free will' which is present, though not intentionally in the framework of tech. One's and zeros in IT-land, vs layers of neither this nor that in the natural world. We imagined we'd understand it better once the human genome was mapped, but it all gets more and more complex with what seems to be embedded undecideability built into each layer. You have the usual triplets of codons read made up of matching bases A,G,C,T and stop-start sequences, but that just codes for protein synthesis. How do you get proteins without the underlying mechanisms needed to produce them? Then it seems there are genes which can switch on or off depending on environmental conditions, which include mental environments as some of the things I've read indicate certain things have the possibility of being switched on or off through mental intent.

  • Judgejudy

    I don't see how you can compare the idea of a supreme being to Tech. There is no proof of a god. Any god. I can at the same time not prove there is not a supreme being. Its impossible to prove. But its also impossible to prove there is a god or SB. Unless this SB shows up and makes itself known than you can not prove it. You can come up with the same situation by saying that there are unicorns on Jupiter. You can not go to Jupiter and prove there are not but its very highly doubtful.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Without a doubt animals including humans are very good at pattern recognition.This ability is essential in our efforts to protect ourselves from things which would harm us or kill us for food, However the pattern recognition can easily get out of hand-- both animals and humans can easily be spooked or deceived by a false reading or a false pattern.

    We constantly search out patterns and sometimes see images based on internally held fixtures for example seeing a face in a rock or cloud, this is called pareidolia. Science and the development of technology crucially depend on the ability to see useful correlations.

    The big mistake is to imagine that all previously learned, or long held patterns either of physical things or beliefs are absolute or unchangeable. The human brain, as opposed to those of many animals, is very flexible and we learn, build and consolidate information both individually and collectively and pass it down through the generations, getting rid of the dross as new evidence arises.

    There is indeed a superficial comparison of scientific progress with evolution namely a development from one state to another by degrees of favourable change (a word describing how this works is "exaptation") but it can have nothing to do with gods which are the product of the human imagination and not factual evidence. God is after all patterned on an ideal of having a supercharged infallible male parent.

  • OrphanCrow

    I think you have things a bit backwards

    "If there is a God/Creator,computer technology followed the same pattern as evolution/DNA"

    Of course computer technology follows the same pattern as evolution/DNA (well, it sort of does). There is a simple explanation - man developed computer technology - it is patterned from a human brain. Made by a human brain and designed like a brain.

    No god needed

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