My D.I.L. Works in a Pharmacy and gets abused by stupid people.

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  • smiddy3

    Hi friends ,my D.I.L. works in a pharmacy and looks after people who needs prescriptions and advice on health care products that patrons need .And the sad thing is with this Covid19 virus seems to be bringing out the worst in too many people as more often than not she is getting abused and challenged for wearing what she and her workmates have to keep themselves and the public free from this virus.

    There are notices all around the store telling people that they are out of certain items and cant supply them such as hand sanitizers ,face masks ,gloves ,personal disinfectant wipes etc,etc.And she gets abused because she has gloves on ,has a face mask on ,and has hand sanitizer that she can use and the customer says something like you have it why cant I get it ?

    In an abusive and challenging way and its getting her down.

    She is getting tired of trying to tell the public she is their to help them and if she and her co-workers get sick the shop will close and nobody will get the help they need.

    Also they don`t respect the distance they need to keep from each other they lean over the counter with there hands touching everything trying to get in her face complaining.Not only do they not appreciate they should only be in the store to get what they need and then get out ,they just treat it like any other normal day and browse around the shop picking up any and everything then putting it down again and buying items that are not necessary for their day to day existence .

    I feel very sorry for her and all of the people doing like minded work , who are suffering under the same stress needlessly by unthinking uncaring people .

    I just want to add she is a beautiful young lady who has a lovely caring personality and its a shame that she and others in her profession are subjected to this form of abuse.

    Note : This is happening in regional Victoria Australia. Where we don`t even have it as bad as anywhere else in the world ....yet.

    Rant over.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    My heart and overwhelming respect goes out to your DIL.

    When a pest-control operator used a high pressure spray on the external wall of a hospital's A & E department, countless cockroaches - normally hidden from public view - came pouring out of the cracks & crevices.

    Very high pressure is being applied in society at the moment - pressure which is revealing that there are many more "cockroaches" in our midst than we'd like to think. Your DIL is one of the many unacknowledged and unselfish angels amongst us. Give her our best wishes.

  • Tantalon

    My wife went to local pharmacy, which is in a very tiny packed out building.She was met at the door by the assistant who said "what can i do for you". Wife handed over script, had temperature taken and was asked "do you want to wait here or come back later for your script, and do you need anything else?, I will get it for you". Very civilizedand well thought out solution for a tiny store.But you are right the fear and panic has turned many people into a-holes. Quite sad and scary, an indictment on the human condition, perhaps not as evolved as we like to think.Stay safe and well

  • Simon

    Yeah, people are stressed but also, some people are shits in normal times and treat others badly - checkout staff, servers etc...

    You see people's real-selves in times of crisis. Some step up and do better, some show that they are selfish and uncaring.

    Seek out the people who are helping and help them, be kind and generous to people still working esp. if they are providing important services that you'd really miss if they stopped.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    I am so so sorry to hear this.There are critters who come out from their shitholes when under pressure. Buddy, your DIL is doing a very outstanding service for the community ie risking her life for the good of so many others. Please convey to her that I am thankful and grateful that she is out there, putting her life on the line. I sincerely apreciate her support for her community. If I was in or near australia I would have sent her a load of goody bags for doing what she is at this time of crisis. She is a very good person. I salute her! A big hug from me!

    By the way since this lockdown started , I am making sure that I let people know how grateful I am that they are out there still doing the services (supermarkets, post offices, delivery guys, nurses, doctors, everyone who is still working so we do not go without ) and helping society walk on . I really do appreciate every person who is out there risking his /her life so that I can avail of the normal services to run my life a little smoothly.


  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    I keep leaving out a toilet roll , a snack, a small bottle of water and a little hand wipe for whoever is supposed to come to my door too. Just small gestures that says thank you for doing the service for me! (all free of any contact from me)

    Some who do need to have phone number have texted back to say how thankful they are for the little things, shows I care.


  • Rivergang

    The reception area in the Emergency Department of our local hospital has long displayed a prominent warning sign, to the effect that "Physical or Verbal Abuse" of hospital staff will not be tolerated. Likewise, there has always been similar signage at most of the doctor's clinics around the district (long before the COVID-19 virus was ever heard off).

    My brother in law was a long-serving paramedic in the ambulance service, and spoke of how he and other ambulance officers often physically attacked while at work. The problem was so widespread that one of the pre-requisites for being an ambulance officer was described as being both physically robust, together with a definite mental hardness. Although he, in many ways, fitted the bill (particularly as a former rugby union player), the stress finally drove this person to drink. In order to help break his addiction to alcohol, my BIL had to get himself transferred onto less stressful work.

    Why anybody would abuse others who are only trying to help them is completely beyond me!

  • joe134cd

    I was absolutely shocked, the other night at the supermarket, when I to witnessed a similar incident. There were a couple in the isle having a full on domestic, with all the graphic words. I couldn’t wait to get out of there sooner. Unbelievable.

  • 2+2=5

    There is no excuse to behave like this, what is shocking is how commonplace it is in society , it’s been beyond disappointing.

    Some regional places in Australia haven’t seen the panic buying, the closer to population the more trash the behaviour.

    In Australia we have an abundance, food especially, we export the majority of our produce and supply ourselves the majority we consume, yet everyone is stepping on each other to buy the last apple on a shelf. The hardware stores are war zones for the actual trades persons who need to get things.

    Imagine a flu strain that actually had a 5% mortality in children? Surely the collapse of society as we know it, populations at war, everyman for himself. Like that song, Imagine all the bloodshed, it’s easy if we try

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