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  • somebody

    According to this publication published by none other than those who want to gain followers of THEMSELVES, Christ assigned the preaching work to THEMSELVES and NOT Jehovah's Witnesses.

    *** w07 4/1 pp. 24-25 Loyal to Christ and His Faithful Slave ***

    Giving Loyal Support

    14 The humble submission of the other sheep to the anointed members of spiritual Israel was foretold in the prophecy of Isaiah: “This is what Jehovah has said: ‘The unpaid laborers of Egypt and the merchants of Ethiopia and the Sabeans, tall men, will themselves come over even to you, and yours they will become. Behind you they will walk; in fetters they will come over, and to you they will bow down. To you they will pray, saying, “Indeed God is in union with you, and there is no one else; there is no other God.”’” (Isaiah 45:14) Symbolically, the other sheep today walk behind the anointed slave class and its Governing Body, following their leadership. As “unpaid laborers,” the other sheep willingly expend their physical strength and their resources in support of the worldwide preaching work that Christ assigned to his anointed followers on earth.—Acts 1:8; Revelation 12:17.

  • somebody

    The scripture that was quoted in the above WBTS INC. corporation publication: Bolding is mine.

    Isaiah 45:14 NWT

    14 This is what Jehovah says: “The profit of Egypt and the merchandise of E·thi·oʹpi·a and the Sa·beʹans, tall of stature, Will come over to you and become yours. They will walk behind you in chains. They will come over and bow down to you. To you they will say in prayer, ‘Surely God is with you, And there is no one else; there is no other God.’”

  • Bobcat

    See my post here (different board - I posted this here but can't find it via the search function). It helps explain why the WT wants only a few (i.e. themselves) "anointed" and the rest not. (Contrast Acts 2:38-39; John 1:12-13)

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Sticking with the habit of a lifetime, the org perverts scriptures and speaks out of both sides of its mouth when "explaining" verses..

    Case in point: When discussing 2 Corinthians 5:20 - "Therefore, we are ambassadors substituting for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us. As substitutes for Christ, we beg: "Become reconciled to God," they claim that the ambassadors are only the elite "anointed" J.W.'s.

    Logically, can the work assigned to such "ambassadors" only be carried out by them?

    Nope. The org invents a subservient title for non-anointed and introduces the title of "envoys" into the J.W. psyche, in order to convince the rank & file that they must share in the unique ambassadorial work!

    Note to lurkers: The org loves to take the high ground when pointing out some of Christendom's unscriptural vocabulary, such as "immortal soul," "hell-fire," "immortality of the soul", and "trinity."

    Guess what? Not only are "governing body," "new scrolls", and "judicial committee" not found in the Bible, but neither is the word "envoy" used in the Bible to describe a Christian.

    If they claim that only they are the ambassadors, let them do it all. It's their job, not yours!

  • OrphanCrow

    This is why WT doctrine makes my head hurt. It isn't logical at all.

    The biblical verse they are using to say that "the other sheep" should follow "the anointed" is speaking about foreign/rival nations coming into subjection to Israel. The other nations did not worship Israel's god.

    How does that apply to "the other sheep" who already worship the same god as "the anointed slave class and the Governing Body"? Are the "other sheep" to be viewed as rival nations? Are the "other sheep" in opposition to the anointed and the GB?

    At what point did "the nation of Israel" only apply to the "anointed slave class and the GB"? Does the WT's replacement theology not apply to all JWs?

    I am confused

  • mann377

    From a religious cult stand point they HAVE to have two classes! This is how they get their power + money. After all they think were stupid.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    They permanently trawl the scriptures to justify their role as world religious supremos. (God only loves the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and loathes the rest of mankind!)

    Your quote is very apt Somebody "They will walk behind you in chains". The Bible recognizes slavery and so does the WTBTS.

    Mann377 it's all about power and money, holding onto the reins of power, controlling the corporate bank accounts and the minds of eight million drones. And lo! the sacred words of the inerrant Bible with its mass of subject matter to cherry pick.

    Wake up Watchtower can't you see how you look; a bunch of paranoid religious loonies.

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