Threefold cord?

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  • marsal

    Could someone please explain what a "threefold cord" marriage is? I have read that expression several times and have no idea what it means.

    Please have patience with me. I have been DF'd for several years, and some of you use language that I don't remember hearing at the KH.

    Until I found this site, I didn't even know that they no longer taught the doctrine about "this generation".


  • Simon

    I believe it was to do with having 'god' in the marriage making the Three Cords (for a successful JW marriage):

    • Jehovah
    • Husband
    • Wife

    Of course if you start talking about "three" and marriage, some people could get the wrong idea entirely !

  • rocketman

    Yep, it's Hubby + Wife + God + Successful Marriage!!

    I would hope that compatabilty would have something to do with it too.

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Don't stop at three...

    I wrote this for SheilaM a few years ago. Your thread reminded me of it.

    The Cord of my life

    Twisted strands of colored yarn

    In tiny hands draped over crossed legs

    Bare feet, painted toes.

    Through eyes now “old” I watch

    Head craned to my left

    How does she do that?

    Loop, pull, turn, twist, inspect

    Hook in hand, smile on lips

    Small lips, her lips, my lips

    She turns and catches me watching

    Her smile broadens

    She feels like I am proud of her

    I’ve always been proud of her

    She amazes me

    I was but a single strand

    All those years ago

    She took my hand and added my strand to her two

    She began to weave a cord

    Three became four

    The plumbing worked

    The cord was strong but the world hard

    Years passed. Lost time

    Wear, fraying, one strand severed

    Two strands severed

    Only two left

    Then three again

    Then four

    Then five, well four and a half

    Now five and a half

    I’ve watched as she weaved two balls of yarn into instant warmth

    I know for a fact she can handle five and a half

    It will be six soon, the half nearly whole

    The cord of my life is in her hands

    I know she will do only right with it

    After all she started this

    What have I to worry for?

    I wonder, will she catch me watching 50 years from now?


  • DJ

    The bible teaches that the husband is head of the wife, and the head of the husband is Christ. The head of Christ is God. I see 4 there. Unless......oh never mind. I have this plaque in my house that says this:

    Marriage Takes Three

    I once thought marriage took just two to make it go

    but now I am convinced that it takes the Lord also.

    And not one marriage fails where Christ is asked to enter

    As lovers come together, with Jesus at the center.

    But marriage seldom thrives and homes are incomplete

    Til He is welcomed there to help avoid defeat.

    In homes where God is first, it's obvious to see

    That these unions really work, for marriage still takes three.

  • Maverick

    That was the claim, God, Husband and then the lowly, submissive, wife. In reality it is the WatchTower, the Elders and then the Husband. Then they pat the little lady on the head and wink!Maverick

  • gitasatsangha

    Three Cord Rope

    Me, the future openminded Mrs Gita, and some attractive live-in maid from a poor country with dubious legal immigration status and low self esteem.

    Gita of the Never-Done-That-And-Probably-Won't-Get-The-Opportunity Class.

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