I found this moving so I wanted to pass it on...

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  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw

    There can be so much shit in this world. Groups like JW's and other cults who can tear apart families and inflict mental and emotional harm to radical groups like ISIL who murder innocent people. It just all seems like such utter bullshit.

    Then their are special people in this world that help inspire and bring hope.

    I don't know if this is true or not, but I feel like this person's act of kindness is more powerful than anything the JW religion has done in it's entire existence.


  • Listener

    It's a beautiful story and very creative. I thought it was lovely how the mother involved her children in making this place a little more magical with so much spiritual thoughts behind it, both for themselves and for others.

    Then there is the practical aspect. You can't have people just go into a publicly listed forest and start modifying it. The beauty of the forest should perhaps be left as it is for people to enjoy nature to it's fullest extent rather than 'disneyfying' it. However, I think there could be opportunities to expand on this idea.

    Perhaps it is possible to create inspirational areas set aside within cities or country areas. We already have parks with children's play areas and could easily extend it but it's highly unlikely as it would require too much red tape and a big likelihood of vandalism.

    The little firefly forest was nice while it lasted but unfortunately anything good in this world today does not have much hope of lasting very long. Let's hope that something more can come from this.

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